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Dreamhack Valencia: The preview

By (._.) 'DisappointedGuy' .
Sep 21, 2012 03:47

ImageThe DreamHack Valencia will start in just hours. While we wait for the action to start, it's time for our preview of the teams taking part in the battle for the prizes and the championship title!

The first matches in the Valencian arena will start in just hours. As everybody must know, eight teams will be taking part in the battle for the championship and of course for a slice of the total $6.520 prize pool. So, after this little introduction, its now time to go through the groups preview!

Group A: The Ninjas and the Spanish trio

After clearly dominating at the first official Counter-Strike: Global Offensive LAN tournament, the SteelSeries GO, the swedish squad Ninjas in Pyjamas come to Spain for more. The team that features a bunch of former Counter-strike 1.6 stars mixed with a Counter-strike: Source duo, already showed their skills in the new game in offline tournaments as well as online competitions. Just a week ago SE Patrik 'f0rest' Lindberg's troop managed to get on top at the Go4CS:GO #6.

Sharing the first group with the Ninjas there will be three local teams. We will see one of the most sucssesful spanish teams in the 1.6 era, x6tence in their first presentation at an international Global Offensive LAN event. The squadron made the switch just a few days ago and now have their first opportunity to show the world what they can do in the brand new game's scene. x6tence is with no doubt the most experienced spanish team participating in group A.

Completing the group, we can see two more spanish squads, maybe the less known in the international scene ES bemyfRAG and ES 34united . The first of those squadrons had some participation in the GO4CS:GO Cups, as well as in the ESL Major Series but not managing to get big success. It is worth noting that bemyfRAG is composed of former Battlefield III players, meaning that they come from another different "world". After playing the game in small online competitions, the team is now ready to try their luck in a big LAN in their own country. On the other hand, 34United does not appear to have enough weapons to go far in this DreamHack Valencia. However their past in Counter-Strike: Source could give them some gameplay advantage.

After the preview of the first group a few questions will now start surrounding us:
NiP: Will the mixed CS 1.6/Source team be able to keep their flawless streak?
x6tence: Will this team be as successful as it was in the 1.6 scene?
34United: do you think that a small team can show a big hit?
bemyfRAG: will the former Battlefield players survive in this competition?

f0rest's troop will try to dominate in Spanish territory

Group B: VeryGames, K1ck and the local duo

The second group will probably be the most disputed. Three teams in its composition have a successful past, while the fourth has not a long achievements list. Coming as one of the heavyweight teams in the tournament and as the main favourite in the group, FR Team VERYGAMES will make their first presentation in a big international event. The french squadron made the switch from CS:S after dominating the scene for quite a long time, and now they start in the attempt to continue their monopoly in CS:GO.

The spanish DreamHack stop will also have Portuguese representation. The most successful CS 1.6 team in Portugal's history, PT k1ck eSports Club will be taking part in this group. As all the K1ck fans must know, the troop made some changes before the swich, but the organization decided to keep included the historic leader of the club PT Ricardo 'fox' Pacheco. The Iberian tournament will be the first big test in Global Offensive for them.

Group B will also feature a duo of local squads, ASES e-Sports Club and DN-Gaming . ASES are very well known in the Spanish Source scene, as they have been dominating for the last two years and now they decided to continue their way in Valve's new first-person-shooter game. Their previous participations on CS:GO includes ESL Major Series and the GO4CSGO cups. The clash between this team and VeryGames will, for sure be a titan's fight in a new game; one of the "must watch" matches.

Last but not least, we see DN-Gaming, another team coming from the Counter strike 1.6 background will also make their first big show in the scene of the new game. Even when the first steps in their way looks complicated, they will for sure try their best to advance in the tournament; they have nothing to lose and a lot to win.

A bunch of questions emerge after the preview of the second group:
VeryGames: Will the French troop keep as strong as in CS:S?
K1ck: Will the new CS:GO roster bring the same success as in 1.6 times?
ASES: Will the experience in CS:S be useful in the new game?
DN-Gaming: Will the team be strong enough to make a surprising performance?

VeryGames in the attempt to start a monopoly in CS:GO

With no more to say, I invite you to share your emotions about the upcoming DreamHack stop. Do you support any of the teams? Any predictions in your mind?
Share them in the comments below and stay tuned for SK-Gaming's full coverage!

The bracket, statistics and betting can be found here.



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