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Heart of the Swarm Update #3

By Ivan 'mmdollar' Batakov
Sep 20, 2012 22:45

ImageThe beta server will go down around 2 PM PDT to make the following updates. We may see the comeback of the Firebat, Mothership Core is getting some tweaks and more changes for Terran Mech are incoming!

Minor balance changes are coming, addressing Terran mech play how it should be played. More Protoss changes are once again here mainly because of the StarGate play, because the Oracle was underperforming in economic damage and now is receiving some love. I am sorry to say it to the Zerg players, but this patch has is nothing for you except a tweak on the Viper.
Blizzard wants to say thanks to the players participating in this beta and providing them with all of the great feedback!


Mothership Core - The cost of Purify is now 100.
* The duration of Purify has been lowered to 25 seconds.
* The damage of Purify has been increased from 25 to 45.

Oracle - Entomb’s duration has increased to 30 seconds.
* The health of Entombed nodes has increased from 100 to 130.
* The duration of Revelation has increased from 30 to 45 seconds.
* We fixed a bug where the oracle was not correctly classified as a Psionic unit.


Battle Hellion - While in Battle mode, the hellion is now classified as a Biological unit.

Widow Mine - Splash damage has increased from 35 to 60.


Viper - We fixed a bug where the viper was not correctly classified as a Psionic unit.

Blizzard thoughts about HotS mech:
"1. All mech revolving around Siege Tanks makes Terran want to sit back and defend for a very long time. We're not sure what the correct ratio of this sort of play would be against how Terran players play now.

2. Mech revolving around a more all round/slightly mobile unit didn't work out with the Warhound.

3. Widow Mine being a more useful option is looking to be a really fun add to mech. We really want to focus on making this unit awesome for now and see where it goes.

4. Battle mode Hellions being built as a separate unit feels good for now due to how different this unit is from the hellion. We've been playing around with Battle Hellions that have Biological flag (can be healed my Medivacs), and are seeing more bio + mech cominations.

So overall, we think it'll be good if players in the beta really focus on the Widow Mines and Battle Hellions in the next couple weeks to really figure out their potential."




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