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Tales of the Lane tournament announced

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Sep 20, 2012 22:27

ImageThe popular French shoutcasting duo Chips and Noi announced their new League of Legends online tournament which will feature the best 10 European teams and offline finals in Paris.

Do you remember that amazing online tournament which was held in the beginning of the year and was called Kings of Europe? Yes, that one in which ex-Dignitas jungler and now a Riot employee Joshua 'Jatt' Le´╗┐esman casted for the first time and became a fan-favourite overnight. No, you're not mistaken, exactly that one which Leigh "Deman" Smith always refers to as his favourite online tournament to date.

If all of the above information rang any bells in your head, then you would be pleased to hear that the people who organised Kings of Europe - the French casting duo Chips and Noi, have decided it's time for another tournament and have given it the catchy name "Tales of the Lane". They will offer the viewers a major clash between the top 10 European teams in two parts - first an online competition between 26 and 28 October and then offline finals at "Casino de Paris" on 11 November, and all of that will be topped by a 30 000 € prize pool.

Invited teams:

Chips and Noi have decided to let the community decide which the last team would be. You can give your vote for it here.

And if everything until now seems like great news, here's the "tiny" problem. The French duo didn't actually find sponsors for their amazing idea as you can see if you check out their trailer and they are asking for help from the community. It's only up to the viewers to show if they want that tournament to actually happen. If you are interested in donating, visit Tales of the Lane and support their effort to bring good entertainment to all of us League of Legends fans.



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