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SK looking for Video editors

By Aleksandar 'gunnero' Dimovski
Sep 19, 2012 18:58

ImageOur Editorial Team is nearly complete and SK Gaming is looking for talented Video editors. How to apply and what skills you need? Check the article bellow!

As always SK-Gaming promises an exciting time working with us and with the friendly crew mates. We're on the look out primarily for those that are motivated to succeed and join one of the largest eSports communities in history. You could work for us, there's nothing to lose, so apply today!

Minimum Standards of Applications
Just for people to get an appreciation of the standard of editor we are looking to recruit please check out this video. If you are unable to produce something of a similar quality, your application will not be considered.

These are the open jobs for Video editors:

- Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Video editor
- League of Legends Video editor
- Dota2 Video editor
- StarCraft II Video editor

10 hours per week

After one months service; various hardware incentives depending on performance.

1. Able to dedicate enough time to fulfill the job responsibilities in a timely manner
2. Good level in English
3. Team player, willing to take advice and critique and help out others
4. Quick learner
5. A passion for eSports
6. Being able to work independently as well as function in a team

If you are interested to be a part of our SK-Gaming crew then send us your application with the information below to


- Full name
- Alias
- Age
- Skype name
- Location
- Esports history
- Writing history (incl. sites, role there and time period spent)
- Examples of past work
- A basic overview of why you want the job
- A basic overview of what you're capable of doing for SK
- An overview of the time you have available per week*

* Don't write I'm available all the time, give a reasonable estimate of the time you will have free on an average week. Also mention days and times you are not available.

Click here to find out what positions are available.



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