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TeamCRG with Benelux team

By Theo 'zeuSel' Codreanu
Sep 19, 2012 17:07

ImageCRG have announced a new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team, picking up the former Avenue players which impressed at their latest LAN.

Team CodeRedGaming have announced the addition of the former Belgian duo Matthias "MATTTTTI" Görris and Yannick "FIXEL" Sadruddin, along with three Dutch players. The organisation was not pleased with their previous team performance at the latest i46 event and have decided to drop their support.

After a whopping performance at Frag-O-Matic LAN, the former Avenue players were on the lookout for some offers from one of the big names in the scene, despite being well supported by Avenue.

"Jeroen "razzeh" De Jong, TeamCRG player stated:

We are very honoured to play for CodeRed Gaming and give us the chance to prove us once again. After winning Frag-o-Matic 14.1 we are hungry for more and we feel like this is the perfect place for us.

In the next months we will be playing in the ESWC Benelux qualifiers, The Reality in the Netherlands and we are hoping to attend a European LAN in the future.

Joe "Skii" Williams, TeamCRG manager, had to say the following words:

We are pleased to announce our latest addition to Team CRG in the form of Avenues eSports. After a strong win at the last Frag-O-Matic, we feel the team has adapted well to CS:GO and the team certainly has a lot of potential for the future. The team will be playing in the upcoming ESWC benelux qualifier as well as attending the upcoming LAN, The Reality. Best of Luck Guys !"

Team CRG lineup:

BE Matthias "MATTTTTI" Görris
BE Martijn "PnD" Dijkgraaf
NL Yannick "FIXEL" Sadruddin
NL Jeroen "razzeh" De Jong
NL Victor "Imprez" Walsteijn

Winners of the Frag-O-Matic 14.1 tournament, TeamCRG will try to keep the momentum and perform well in the upcoming CS:GO tournaments they will attend.

Official announcement:



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