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Previously on GSL Code S

By Mat 'Clamev' L
Sep 18, 2012 23:09

ImageWith so many tournaments going it´s easy to lose track of what happens in all of them. We are here to tell you what important things happened thus far in Code S and which games are a absolute must watch!

The fourth season of most competitive Starcraft 2 tournament the GSL Code S is back and in full swing after finishing the Round of 32. With no less thatn 8 groups and a stacked field of competitors like none other tourny there were a ton of epic games play, story lines that unfolded and upsets took place. We are here to tell you what happened, which games to watch should you have missed them and to tell you which players to look forward to going into the Round of 16.

With the amount of excellent players playing in the GSL Code S, especially this season it is hard to pick the hardest group. If there was one though it would definitely been Group E. Stacked with the most terrifying terrans at the moment Taeja, MVP and MMA, the foreigner Mana was destined to have a hard time. The opening match set the tone, as Taeja beat Mana convincingly.
The following TvT was arguably one of the best of the entire Code S thus far. Game 1 on the huge map whirlwind had a very Brood war esque feel to it as the game as there were constant fights going on all over the map with seemingly unbreakable siege tank lines on both sides. Even though the second game took place on Daybreak the quality of play did not diminish in the slightest as it was a typical mech from MVP vs Bio from MMA slug fest only made better by MMA´s excessive use of nukes combined with drops to take MVP´s multitasking to the limits.
MVP eventually won the set but had to yield before Taeja´s superior TvT in the next set, who advances into Ro16. MMA after that was able to handily defeat Mana, showcasing once again his exciting use of nukes in game 2. This meant that there was another set between MMA and MVP, with MVP taking the series this time convincingly 2:0

MVP on his way back up?

The other foreigner Naniwa also had no luck in an over all underwhelming Group F, when compared to the other Groups. The shining Star of the Group was Squirtle, who showed why he is considered one of the most skilled protosses at the moment. Naniwa though displayed a level of play not up to the GSL standard while Heart manages to successfully cheese the majority of his games out of his group.

Another disappointing group result wise was Group C. The legendary Brood war player Jaedong was defeated by MC 2:0 after having a lead in both games. After mishandling a proxy 2rax and losing the last game by forgetting baneling speed Jaedong went out 0:2 in a rather tough group. Mc lost to Curious and a close 2:1 series to Marineking dropping to Code A where he undoubtedly will fight to come back to Code S next season.

The elephant just not quite there yet

With Jaedong falling short it was left to Rain to defend the honor of Kespa players in Group D and with Happy Byun and Genius it was not going be an easy task. After the first two games against Byun though it seemed as if Rain was up to the task, as he simply outplayed him in game 1 and defended a proxy marauder rush into one base play convincingly. With Happy beating Genius with an excellent display of unit control Rain meet him in the winners match for the third TvP of the day.
The set between the two, which went to game 3, is very recommended to watch as it involved a 100hp nexus save and some excellent decision making by both players. In the end Rain lost though and found himself playing once again against Byun beating him convincingly 2:0 once again.

Group A

Rain will have to step up his game if he wants to succed in the Ro16, seeing him seated in Group together with Dongraegu, who has looked near unbeatable thus far, Taeja, arguably the best terran right now and Polt. If Polt is the weakest link in the group you know you have a hard Group.
My prediction: DongRaeGu and TaeJa as both players seem to be one step above everyone else right now

Group B

Group B should be, if nothing else, be the most entertaining group to watch. Both Leenock and Hero known to have a very entertaining style together with the very cheesy Heart this group is bound to have some very entertaining games.
My prediction: Squirtle as he has the class to take on both Hero and Leenock and is not likely to fall for Hearts shenanigans and Hero as he hast the potential to take down Leenock if he controls his nerves and should be able to deal with whatever Heart throws at him and might even take some games of Squirtle in a PvP.

Group C

After having much health problems it seems that MVP is regaining his old strength and is ready to take his throne as the rightful terran King once again. It will be interesting to see who makes it out of the group of the remaining players as both JYP and Curious don´t have a major title win under their belts yet, while Marineking has been consistently in Code S.
My prediction: MVP after his showing at IEM I am convinced he is on his way back to his old strengths and will sweep the group. Marineking because he seemed to be more consistent than the other two.

Group D

Group D is lead by Seed , last seasons GSL Champion, the second protoss to every win a GSL.
There is also Life who made himself a name by placing second in the recent TSL 4. Symbol is very hard to predict as last year in the group stages he looked near unbeatable, even scarier than Dongragu at times by using every trick and tactic available in the zerg arsenal. Being already called the next big thing he dropped out but managed to qualify for Code S once again.
Happy is the other unknown as not many people would have predicted him to come out of his group.
My prediction: Seed as he has shown solid play throughout the last season. Symbol because if he can tap into his full potential he is able to beat anybody in the scene right now.



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