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hyhy hangs up the mouse

By Samuel 'DarthBotto' Horton
Sep 18, 2012 16:29

ImageOne of the long-standing Dota veterans, Han Yong 'hyhy' Benedict Lim, will once again leave competitive gaming on a permanent basis.

The captain of SG Team Zenith , SG Han Yong 'hyhy' Benedict Lim, will now be retiring from the professional Dota scene, following a 5/6th place performance at The International. This marks the second time this player has announced the end of his career; in December of 2009, he left the scene, due to a loss in passion for the scene, due to lacking results at the Sendi Mutiara Multimedia Malaysia DotA Championship that year, as well as a conflict with his personal life. This departure did not last long, as he returned within a matter of months to compete in the DotA scene with MY

Like another hundred-plus players, hyhy's career in the Dota 2 scene began with The International 2011, where he competed alongside SG Scythe Gaming and secured a fine prize purse of $150,000 with a bronze medal finish. Within a month's time, the team transitioned over to MeetYourMakers, where the roster remained until January of this year. From there, hyhy's teammates departed, while he kept with the organization to lead a Malaysian roster composed of former MY Invasion MUFC players. In March, MYM refused to continue sponsoring the players, without directly confronting them on the subject, prompting the roster to depart. Rather than remaining with the Malaysians as they returned to MUFC, he returned to his Singaporean comrades, with the exception of former SE SK Gaming superstar SE Jonathan 'Loda' Berg replacing SG Joshua 'ToFu' Tan, to create the new rendition of Team Zenith.

Due to the team's powerful reputation, Zenith was invited to The International 2012, to compete for another shot at the one million dollar grand prize. The road to success was more perilous than before, however, as the way was laid out with the strongest Chines teams to contend with. After a disappointing group stage performance, Zenith scraped together enough tenacity to make it into the 5/6th place territory, before falling to CN Team DK . Following his team's end in the tournament, hyhy was interviewed alongside DK Jacob 'Maelk' Toft-Anderssen, who too mused about the likelihood of retirement from the Dota scene.

Although his future in the competitive scene is not certain, hyhy has stated that he is still open to the possibility of returning next year, to compete at The International 2013.

Statement from Han Yong 'hyhy' Benedict Lim:
"Hey guys, been awhile. Like I mentioned briefly back at TI2, I've decided to retire from competitive gaming. It's nice to know that my absence will not go unnoticed and I really appreciate all the heartfelt best wishes. Zenith will continue raping under Captain Boxers and who knows, maybe you guys will catch me next year at TI3, if I feed IceFrog enough money. Thanks for everything, friends.

P.S.: Do continue supporting this page, people. MYM.HY sounds so awesome!


Team Zenith roster
SG Daryl Koh 'IceIceIce' Pei Xiang
SE Jonathan 'Loda' Berg
SG Nicholas 'xFreedom' Lim
SG Toh Wai 'xy' Hong




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