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Season 2 World Championship Weekend 1 approaching

By Ana Maria 'queenlolee' Gallan
Sep 18, 2012 11:37

ImageIn October, Los Angeles, California will be the home of the Season 2 World Championship for League of Legends hosted by Riot Games. The prize pool of $2,000,000 is the largest in eSports history and will be split amongst the top teams of the tournament.

Next month finally brings the Season 2 World Championship for League of Legends. Twelve teams from around the world have qualified to compete in the tournament and fight for the first place after proving their skills in the Regional qualifying event. The competition takes place between October 4 and October 13 for the group stage and final games. The group stage will begin with a two-group format, evolving into an eight slot bracket for the Quarter Finals. The top two teams from Weekend 1 will advance to the Grand Finals on October 13, 2012.

The first weekend will debut with the fight to reach the bracket stage. The top ranked team from each large region is automatically qualified in the Quarter finals. The teams that have already advanced to that step are US Team SoloMid for North America, RU Moscow 5 for Europe, KR Azubu Frost for Korea and CN World Elite for China. The remaining eight teams will compete in a Round Robin group stage consisting of two groups of four. Due to the fact that each team faces each other only once, the time taken will probably be a deciding factor for ties. The top two teams from each group advance to the playoffs to fight alongside the other four top teams in the Quarterfinals.

The tickets for both the playoffs and finals sold out quickly, as there are numerous incentives for spectators to go view the live event. Riot Games has announced that each atendee will receive a "Swag Bag" containing custom made statues of Ryze and Tryndamere, a limited edition Riven skin before store release, a Riven Summoner Icon, and more.


Qualified teams for Season 2 Championship



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