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GSTL: Best and Worst Week 2

By Ivan 'mmdollar' Batakov
Sep 17, 2012 18:20

ImageWhich team will be the final champion of 2012? Code S stars like Jjakji will be pulled to defend the honor of their team. Will aLive show that he is one of the best players once again? Check out the article for further information!

The Global StarCraft II Team League has been the staple team tournament in Korea. Players have built a name for themselves and some have fallen short of living up to the hype. GSTL has been one of the most anticipated tournaments of this year! Here at SK Gaming we've summed up the action from the week so let's just jump right in!

This week had more aggressive and shorter matches than the previous week, plus a couple of nail biting games. The ace player Jjakji was pulled to play but he managed to win only one game for his team. A lot of Terran versus Protoss games were played in the past week, this time the variety is better.


One of the most appealing and must watch games was between Jjakji and aLive. This game went rather passive at the start with little pokes which used medivacs filled with marines. When we approached the mid game both of them went for their respective three base play and Jjakji continued doing the drop play to force his opponent out of position. The game itself was full of medivac aggression, drop play was seen everywhere on the map. At one point Jjakji overextended his attacks and aLive capitalized over the mistake and "gg" was typed by Code S player Jjakji. Check out one of the most epic TvT VOD, you will not be disappointed!

One of the upsets of the week was the game between Salvation and Moon. Moon known for being a great WarCraft III player was not able to show his potential. His opening at the start was scouted and easily countered by Salvation. As time passed by the better position and economy was in favour of the Terran player. As soon as Salvation was confident enough that he can take Moon face to face, he started his push will well placed tank positions and destroyed Moon with almost minimal resistance.

The most disappointing game of the week was between Salvation and J. Sadly from the start of the game things did not go well for J. The Zerg player managed to scout the early all in with double 11 rax that was coming from Salvation. Even though the information about the incoming attack was right in front of him, J was not able to defend the bunker rush in his natural and lost his second hatchery leaving him severely behind in economy. After the successful attack from Salvation, he went back to his base macro up a little and just went for his "death push" with marines and thors - it made him win the game with ease. This game was one of the worst games of the week, save yourself some time and count yourself lucky if you haven't seen the VOD yet!


Next week will feature two sets of series between the teams FXOpen vs Fnatic and SlayerS vs IM-SK. The week will be full of high end Code S games, you will see players like MC, Leenock and the multiple GSL Code S champions MVP and Nestea who are definitely worthwhile watching. We can say that every week, that passes, the games are getting better and better.

Don’t forget to come and check by to read the next weekly recap of series on Monday the 23rd. Also check GOMTV’s video Live Stream.



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