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A new partnership: Ocelote and Digibet

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Sep 17, 2012 16:05

ImageOne of the most well-known figures in the League of Legends scene and team-captain of the SK Gaming team, Ocelote, has been signed as a testimonial for digibet - the best bookmaker for eSports bets.

Two months ago ES Carlos 'ocelote' Rodríguez Santiago was approached by the European bookmaker "digibet". They were looking at the booming e-sports scene and wanted to offer odds for this sport. It was not a PR stunt. These guys knew what they were talking about and had a clear vision.

According to Ocelote:

"After they explained their e-sports concept to me I was on fire. When a company from outside the industry tries to understand e-sports it's often very hard for them. With the guys from digibet I instantly had the feeling they knew what they were talking about. This is not a PR stunt. They are in it for the long run." is the first bookmaker in the world who takes e-sports betting seriously. Tom Lemke, Marketing Manager from digibet, used to play Counter-Strike on the highest level and was a co-founder of mousesports:

"We were looking at the current state of e-sports bets and it was not very satisfying for us. So far only vanilla bets were offered. That's why we came up with flavor bets such as First Dragon, First Blood or even individual First Blood where you can bet on a specific player. I think our betting product really shows how much we love League of Legends."

It is rare that a company from outside the industry has such a big understanding of how e-sports works. With the level of professionalism being displayed from Riot, the tournament organizers and the teams, digibet took the risk and started to offer odds for the gamescom 2012 and it was a huge success, about which Lemke said:

"The feedback was phenomenal! We've received tons of e-mails from interested users who complimented us on our product. It felt really good. It is amazing to be able to give something back to the e-sports community."

Being asked about signing Ocelote as the new digibet testimonial, Lemke said:

"I have lots of digibet colleagues who watch his stream. We were immediately blown away but his passion for e-sports and his dedication. To truly become one of the best athletes in the world talent is just not enough. You need to work hard. It's his work ethic that sets him apart from other athletes. We are very proud that Carlos decided to work with us."

Actions speak louder than words and digibet wasted no time as they flew Ocelote to Berlin:

"I couldn't believe how quick they were. After they showed me the storyboard for the tv spot I knew they understood me and e-sports. Everything was done in such a professional way. So guys watch out for the new digibet tv spot. It will be released in a few days!"

You can go to and sign up. Please understand that betting requires a legal age of 18.

Original post by OceloteWorld.



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