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CS:GO welcomes Team Prospects

By (._.) 'DisappointedGuy' .
Sep 16, 2012 23:35

ImageA new CS:GO team just came to light. This time the news comes from Sweden, where Team Prospects spawned. The squad includes three former ICSU players as well as André "BARBARR" Möller and John "hyvlarn" Edelsvärd.

The trend to migrate to the latest Counter-strike version continues. Today the news of a new team came from the Nordic lands as SE Team Prospects officially announced its start on their way in to the Counter-strike: Global Offensive scene.

The brand new swedish team features three players of the former ICSU structure, as well as Andre 'BARBARR' Möller and Daniel 'rape' Börzsönyi.

Team Prospects are:
SE Joel "emilio" Mako
SE Danniél "dalito" Morales
SE André "BARBARR" Möller
SE John "hyvlarn" Edelsvärd
SE Daniel "rape" Börzsönyi

The in-game leader André "BARBARR" Möller stated that "It's hard to go from Counter-Strike 1.6 to Call of Duty", and completed his statement adding that "Hard work always pays off, no matter what."
Also Joel 'emilio' Mako spoke about the move, stating that "It is great being under BARBARR's leadership. It feels good to have someone with a lot of experience on our team. We're in for an interesting future, for sure,"

Team Prospects manager, Endel "MedaY" Koch stated:
"We are starting the fresh CS:GO season with full speed and a lot of motivation, with plans to attend every event and online tournament to come. We are currently looking for all the support we can get in order to help us succeed.

We would furthermore like to say thank you to all the people who have always supported CS 1.6 and all the players in our team. Hopefully you'll still keep supporting us, and we will have a great future together in CS:GO"

The troop is now looking for sponsors and support to afford their way in the CS:GO scene. All those who are interested in supporting Prospects can directly contact them via email at

Although the squadron made the switch, we will see them taking part in the first DreamHack Bucharest qualifier hosted by




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