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Northcon E-sports Arena announced

By Ger 'anGeRrR' V.
Sep 16, 2012 04:44

ImageOne more tournament for the new Valve's game was just announced. The new event will take place in Germany and will feature a total prize money of $26.235 distributed between Counter-strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends.

Good news for the CS:GO players have been revealed today, as a new tournament for the recently launched game was announced. The Northcon E-sports Arena released details concerning the event that is scheduled to take place on the middle part of December featuring a total prize pool of $26.235. The global prize money will be distributed between the two tournaments of League of Legends and Counter-strike: Global Offensive.

Northcon E-sports Arena prize distribution for CS:GO:
1st- $6.560
2nd- $3.280
3rd- $1.310
4th- $655

The event will Also feature a $14.430 prize pool for League of Legends

Between the released information it is mentioned that various slots in the CS:GO tournament will be filled with teams coming from dedicated qualifiers. One of those qualifiers will take place December 13rd at the NorthCon's LANparty.

The sign-up for the tournament is open to all the squads that wish to participate. When the sign-up period come to an end, the organization will pick up the final participants based on the team's achievements. With the payment of the sign-up fee, the teams will also have access to the VIP area and the NorthCon eSport Arena all days.

If you are willing to attend the Northcon E-sports Arena CS:GO tournament, you may download the terms and conditions and application form clicking here. All the applications to sign-up must be send before the deadline, wich is in November 1st.

For more details about the tournament, you can visit the organizers website.



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