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EvilDeeds announce new CS:GO lineup

By Theo 'zeuSel' Codreanu
Sep 15, 2012 13:54

ImageThe British organisation announcedd its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team today. After months of inactivity and speculation the organisation has now finally found five members to represent them.

EvilDeeds represented a real threat to the big teams in the late days of Counter-Strike: Source, housing the former GLD team among others. Today, the organization announced the addition of a brand new team to its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive division.

The official announcement reads that the team recently moved across from CS: Source and decided to stick together in order to achieve performances in CS:GO under the ED tag.

ED Lineup:
BE Arne "FMz" Van Den Haute
BE Gilles "7zp" Vlasselaer
BE Kevin "KeviNNN" Keppens
BE Nikola "Niko" Tomic
BE Wout "FRNND" Vanwiele

The newly formed team consists of former CS:S stars such as BE Arne "FMz" Van Den Haute, the top AWPer who retired from professional gaming after his spell at LowLandLions.

Upon arrival, EvilDeeds' team manager said the following:

"We welcome what has to be our biggest pickup here at Evildeeds E-Sports Organization, and with this team we have the hopes they will take us to the next level of competitive gaming, these guys have the ability to mix with the best and have proved it in the past. This is a exciting new chapter for the organization."

The organization announced big plans with the new lineup, so we hope to see them soon at some top CS:GO events.

Official announcement:



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