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CyberGamer Qualification cup #2

By Marvin 'Destroyer1721' Horstmann
Sep 14, 2012 18:12

ImageCyberGamer announced the second qualification cup for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with some good prizes. In addition the winner will have a showmatch against previous qualifier cup winner Blight-Gaming.

Following on from the success of the first CyberGamer qualifier soon starts the second qualifier cup. The winner of this qualifier will play the winner of the first qualifier cup, Blight-Gaming in a €250 showmatch where the winner takes all.

The cup is scheduled on September 17-20. The cup is, like the previous qualifier, set to run from Monday to Thursday during next week. It is also necessary that teams have a representative in #CG.GO on quakenet mIRC as this is where the cup will be ran from. The prize for the first place are five white INWIN Dragon Rider cases. The cup is an open cup for everyone but only the proffessional teams apply for CGinvite league.

To be eligible for an invite, teams must send an email to with the following information;
- Team Name
- Link to your teams CyberGamer page
- Contact details of a Manager + Player where applicable (preferably skype+email)
- History of your players, team and in what games
- Why should we pick your team above others?

If you need extended details on the second qualification cup with more on how sign up please or other important information,click here.

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