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Na'Vi leaves the RaidCall League

By Antonio 'tower' A
Sep 14, 2012 04:16

ImageNot long since the beginning of the tournament's beginning, Natus Vincere drops out of the RaidCall league, which features a prize pool is $10,000.

Despite the hopes of the community for a fulfilling experience with the RaidCall Dota 2 League, UA Natus Vincere has withdrawn. It seems that Na'Vi is not in the right mindset, as they are in the process of taking a break, following a silver medal at The International 2012. Their place in the league will be filled by DE We haz Asian .

Statement from Na'Vi team manager RUDmitriy 'olo)Ash' Ugarov:
"Unfortunately for all the fans, we are not able to participate in every leagues and tournaments of the upcoming season. This would be too exhausting for the team. After our players' planned vacation we will play refreshed in the three leagues and will eventually enlarge the amout of leagues/tournaments up to 5. The team is also planning to attend all major LAN events of the upcoming gaming year.

What's more, the team and the management reconsidered an approach and actual flow of the practice process. We have improved the bonus / penalty system. This means that training process will go up to a new, professional level."

Na'Vi also announced that they will continue to participate in online events like Starladder Season 3, GosuLeague and the next edition of The Defense #3.

Source: JoinDOTA



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