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TEAM4NOT pick up Flaming Rainbows

By Theo 'zeuSel' Codreanu
Sep 13, 2012 14:44

ImageTEAM4NOT have officially signed Flaming Rainbows as their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team, after weeks of rumors and speculation the deal is finally done!

The American based organisation have signed Flaming Rainbows as their new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team following discussions which lasted over a week. The move was highly anticipated, it was made official just today on the team's website.

TEAM4NOT will now try to find its way to the top of the ESEA-Invite championship, being placed fourth with 6 wins and 3 losses as of today. The new team consists of former Evil Geniuses duo US Jordan 'n0thing' Gilbert and US Derek 'dboorN' Boorn, as well as other known players.

Team manager Simon "Sambuca" Boudreault stated:

"4Not was always interested in picking a top team for cs-go. For me personally, knowing the community and teams helped me gain a foothold within the community and grasp which teams were viable acquisitions.

After seeing what 1.6 players could do using the source engine, I was happy watching players like N0thing and Swag expand and play the new title professionaly. I followed them through their first matches of the season and was impressed by the amount of time and dedication they were putting into practicing.

Their performance and success through development is what truely drove me to pursue interest and what sold me most was the teams performance in the Pax qualifier. They simply crushed most of the teams they were playing against. Helping them transition to a new team wouldn't be easy but since I always followed Jordan, swag, kiko and steno from 1.6, there's no better place for them to call home."

The newly formed squad can be seen in action next week in the next round of matches from the ESEA-Invite season will be underway.



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