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By Evgeni 'Zinnoc' Chardakov
Jan 21, 2014 20:39

ImageThe North Americans defeated Titan eSports in the grand final in double best-of-three challenge to win ESEA.

The third and final day of the fifteenth season of ESEA League is over. There were fair amount of bonus videos shown for the viewers. Ever wanted to know what settings are using top players such as n0thing and ScreaM? Want to watch n0thing giving an entertaining interview in an elevator? Want to see goofy videos from ESEA's crew? Head over to ESEA's YouTube channel then! Please note that videos are not uploaded yet, but should be in a day or two.

ESEA co-founder Torbull lost his mind. (Photo property of

Before going to the grand final, we will begin with the semi-final between US iBUYPOWER and US compLexity Gaming .

Starting on de_cache, coL managed to quickly grab the pistol round and to secure the two traditional rounds after that. However, iBUYPOWER was able to win the fourth round, as the in-game leader of coL US Sean 'sgares' Gares failed to plant the bomb in time. But compLexity kept their heads up and managed to secure the next round, thanks to US Spencer 'Hiko' Martin two important kills and sgares' 1on1 clutch. More action by sgares appeared, as he scored yet another round by sniping down two targets with AWP in the end, but was helped in the beginning of the round by US Braxton 'swag' Pierce, who himself managed to score three frags. Unfortunately for team compLexity, CA Keven 'AZK' Lariviére and US Eric 'adreN' Hoag did won the next round for team iBUYPOWER. Great individual performance by US Todd 'anger' Williams was crucial for iBP, as he did shot down three targets twice in two rounds, eventually allowing his teammates to take the mentioned rounds without much resistance. US Sam 'DaZeD' Marine's four frags, one from a grenade secured one more round and pushed iBP in the lead. However, the youngster swag was able to take down four targets in a tight situation to boost coL's spirit. The brain of team compLexity sgares once again shined with his sniping skills, as his two entry kills allowed swag to win the round and tie the score and as well as taking three more in the last round to secure a lead for his team in the second half.

The pistol round of the second half went directly to iBUYPOWER, as the Canadian AZK got three kills to tie the scores again. However, CA Kory 'semphis' Friesen and swag did shock the viewers by winning an eco round, which was enough for sgares to step up later and take four frags with the AWP. Moving forward, we witnessed US Tyler 'Skadoodle' Latham, who has been a beast during the entire event, once again proved himself to be a threat to even the best players in the world, by winning a plenty important 1on3 situation. Hiko however, decided to not stay behind and he himself did clutch 1on1 situation. Furthermore, Hiko did scored four frags during the next round. However, unfortunately that was not enough for team compLexity to take the first map, as we witnessed adreN's three frags tying the scores and as well as clutching 2on1 situation against sgares in the next round. AZK eventually finished off the last round and won the map for team iBUYPOWER.

Moving forward to the second map, which was a modified version of de_train by the former Team 3D star US Salvatore 'Volcano' Garozzo. There we witnessed a flawless round being taken by team iBUYPOWER starting on the weaker side. Two more flawless rounds were won by the folks from iBP, until Hiko and his teammates destroyed them in the first gun round. Incredible play by the youngest player from coL swag won pack of rounds for his team, along side with US Jordan 'n0thing' Gilbert. The former Evil Geniuses star n0thing scored three frags to keep his team in the lead by securing ten rounds in a row. Powerful teamwork by iBP however, managed to win them a round. Two entry frags by Hiko were enough for swag to finish off the last living players of iBP with the auto-sniper and win the last round of the first half for team coL.

Semphis went huge during the pistol round of the second half, taking down three targets, but unfortunately unable to clutch 1on2 situation. The now low on cash team compLexity did not slow down even a bit, as we witnessed n0thing taking three instant frags to help Semphis to clutch 1on1 situation on an eco round. Semphis continued to play solid, as he did scored three more kills to win a flawless round for coL. However, iBUYPOWER did not surrender either, as DaZeD and anger were able to win one more round. Skadoodle once again impressed the fans by shooting down three targets and allowing his team to take large amount of rounds. Team iBUYPOWER decided to go extreme by doing three snipers stack, but unfortunately for them it did not workout well, as Hiko and swag were able to clutch that round. One more time iBP decided to do three snipers stack and this time however it was successful, but yet close for them, as swag almost clutched 1on4 round. Despite iBP's early success, n0thing and Hiko won the last round to win the second map for team compLexity.

Alright, moving to de_nuke, the third and final map for the semi-final of the fifteenth season of ESEA League in Dallas, Texas. The pistol round was won by team iBUYPOWER, thanks to DaZeD shooting down three enemies. Despite starting once again on the weaker side, AZK continued to outmatch his opponents and scored four frags for his scoreboard. Team coL's star n0thing tried to win a round for his team by rushing the upper bombside and doing three quick frags, however adreN clutched 1on2 situation in the end of that round. Again the teamwork was proven to be a powerful weapon, as we witnessed n0thing distracting his opponents, allowing the in-game leader sgares to score four frags and win the fifth round. Unfortunately, despite n0thing and swag winning few more rounds for their team later on, iBUYPOWER were able to secure a round, thanks to solid teamwork. Hiko not only managed to win 2on2 situation together with swag, but also went insane during the next round with four frags, until unfortunately being mistakenly blasted up with a grenade by his own teammate Semphis. Team compLexity did secured several more rounds, thanks to n0thing's double grenade kill and as well as Hiko's three kills to win the last round for them.

Team compLexity started the second half with a pistol round win, but was quickly taken down by Skadoodle on the followed eco round. Great teamwork by iBP tied the score. Several more rounds were exchanged between the two teams, until we witnessed n0thing taking three frags, but failed to clutch 1on2 situation. Unfortunately, despite the great play by compLexity, Team iBUYPOWER managed to win few close rounds and eventually take the third map to win the match.

n0thing was unable to outmatch five players at once. (Photo property of

Moving forward to the grand final between US iBUYPOWER and the European team FR Titan eSports . Starting on de_season, Titan eSports won the pistol round as T. Surprisingly, five man stack at bombside A by iBUYPOWER secured them the eco round. FR Edouard 'SmithZz' Dubourdeaux and his teammates did manage to win the first gun round, but unfortunately for Titan eSports, adreN and anger took the lead later on. Powerful teamwork by the French team tied the score. After that FR Nathan 'NBK' Schmitt did manage to score three frags and turn the tide in favor of his team. The Canadian player AZK clutched a round with two more frags in his scoreboard. Later on adreN assisted AZK to add more rounds with three frags. Team iBUYPOWER secured few more rounds, thanks to brilliant teamwork. However, BE Kévin 'Ex6TenZ' Droolans' strats were able to directly hit iBUYPOWER's momentum, as the in-game leader of Titan eSports secured a round. Regardless, DaZeD and andreN won a 2on2 situation to win the last round of the first half.

Starting with a beautiful action by AZK, iBUYPOWER secured the all important pistol round. AZK and anger did manage to store the second two rounds for their team too. DaZeD and company won the first gun round as well, pushing Titan eSports on top of the edge. Great action by AZK and Skadoodle were crucial for team iBUYPOWER to deny the French team to return in the map. Despite that the in-game leader Ex6TenZ shot down three opponents to win a round, followed by BE Adil 'ScreaM' Benrliton's three more frags managed to secure few more rounds, the Europeans still were defeated on the first map, thanks to anger's 1on2 clutch in the last round.

Coming up next is de_dust2, where we witnessed iBUYPOWER on T side winning the pistol round, thanks to AZK's two frags and additional knife kill on FR Richard 'shox' Papillon. However, NBK and Ex6TenZ where able to secure the first gun round. Yet, that did not stop the North American team to win later rounds, thanks to DaZeD and anger. An extremely close round was won by iBUYPOWER's AZK, as he managed to clutch 1on1 against SmithZz. Despite SmithZz losing that 1on1 situation, he did won the next round with three targets taken down. Team iBUYPOWER was yet able to secure one more round, until NBK, shox and ScreaM to step up and win large amount of rounds. The North American team however, managed to win the last round of the first half, thanks to adreN's 1on1 clutch.

Ex6TenZ and his troops did secured the pistol round of the second half. Team iBUYPOWER did scored small amount of rounds, until the core duo of the former team VeryGames NBK and Ex6tenZ stepped up and turned the tide in favor of their team once again. Great individual performance by AZK and strong teamwork by iBUYPOWER won them few more rounds. AZK and DaZeD were able to push iBP to map point, leaving Skadoodle to finish off the Europeans and take the map.

US iBUYPOWER 16:9 FR Titan eSports @ de_season
US iBUYPOWER 16:14 FR Titan eSports @ de_dust2

Team iBUYPOWER won the first best-of-three series flawlessly. Please note that iBP needs to win two best-of-three series in order to be crowned as the winners of the tournament, because the team is coming from the lower bracket, while Titan eSports needs to win only one.

Going directly to the second best-of-three series, the first map was de_cache. The Europeans secured the pistol round as CT. Unfortunately, where outmatched during a later round in 2on2 situation by AZK and Skadoodle. Later on we witnessed yet another clutch by iBP in 1on1 situation, which eventually tied the score. The currently best French player shox won an important 1on1 situation and got the lead for his team. However, the Canadian player AZK won a 1on1 situation too, along with four frags in his scoreboard. Once again the powerful teamwork of team iBUYPOWER won them giant pack of rounds and finished the first half with fair lead.

DaZeD and adreN did won the pistol round of the second half for team iBUYPOWER. Continuing with iBP's dominant style, we witnessed AZK shooting down three targets and winning yet another round flawlessly. Stunning action was performed by NBK, as he managed to win three rounds with a new stack of total of nine frags going to his scoreboard. Regardless NBK's monstrous highlight, AZK and adreN won an eco round, but were soon destroyed by shox and company. Despite team Titan having a strong lead, adreN however, managed to trick the Europeans and win few more rounds to send the map into overtime, which scared the French team a bit.

Unfortunately, the overtime was not that long, as we witnessed solid performance by shox, which helped his team to score the rest five rounds to win the map.

Titan eSports managed to win only one map in the grand final. (Photo property of

Team iBUYPOWER easily won the pistol round as CT of the second map, which was de_nuke. Flawless round by Skadoodle came up next. However, ScreaM and company won the third round. ScreaM, shox and NBK managed to win few more rounds, until Skadoodle, adreN and DaZeD went crazy and won few close rounds for team iBUYPOWER. The North American player adreN clutch 1on2 situation with three frags more for himself. Team iBP secured the last round of the first half.

The in-game leader of Titan eSports Ex6TenZ went absolutely insane in the pistol round by eliminating four players from the opposite team and scoring the important round. Despite the amazing beginning for the French team, the crowd went high, as Skadoodle performed the legendary jump that years ago literally won one of the best tournament in the history of Counter-Strike, the CPL Winter 2005 for our own SE SK Gaming , Skadoodle, being boosted by a teammate was able to strafe jump to balcony and sneak behind the French team, scoring four frags and winning a crucial round for team iBUYPOWER. Skadoodle won even more for his team, as he won an also important 1on1 situation in the next round against ScreaM. Despite that the French team managed to win several more rounds, Titan eSports simply collapsed after Skadoodle's terrifying actions and were unable to continue play on top level. Eventually Skadoodle won the map for team iBUYPOWER by clutching 1on1 situation against the French leader Ex6TenZ.

The third and final map for the second best-of-three series was non other than de_inferno. We witnessed shox winning the pistol round on T side by instantly scoring two entry frags and one more later in the round. Unfortunately for the Europeans, the first gun round went to team iBUYPOWER, thanks to their excellent teamwork. NBK however, was able to bring back his team in the lead, as he shot down three targets to clutch 1on2 situation. DaZeD did secure a round for iBP with four more frags in his scoreboard. Team iBUYPOWER won the last round of the first half and secured a nice lead over the French team.

The brain of Titan eSports Ex6TenZ scored three frags, but was unable to defuse the bomb at time, unforutnately losing the pistol round for his team. The North American player anger went huge for his team, as he managed to secure a close round by fragging out two enemies and defusing the bomb. AZK, adreN and DaZeD continued to pack rounds for team iBUYPOWER, as we witnessed DaZeD scoring four frags in a later round. Titan eSports were on the edge of winning an close round, but yet failed to outmatch the North Americans. SmithZz won the first round of the second half for the French team, followed by a team ace in the next round. Unfortunately, the Canadian player AZK's three kills send Titan eSports to eco round, which was won by Skadoodle, who managed to score four bonus frags for himself. ScreaM scared the North Americans by shooting down two targets thru solid wall. Futhermore, shox clutched 1on1 situation by defusing the bomb and adding three more frags. Unfortunately, despite the French team being always so close from winning, Titan eSports once again failed to push the North Americans to the limit and lost the match and as well as the entire tournament.

US iBUYPOWER 15:19 FR Titan eSports @ de_cache
US iBUYPOWER 16:11 FR Titan eSports @ de_nuke
US iBUYPOWER 16:14 FR Titan eSports @ de_inferno

iBUYPOWER won the ESEA event in Dallas, Texas. (Photo property of

The final standing of the fifteenth season of ESEA League is the following:

1st US iBUYPOWER - $20,000
2nd FR Titan eSports - $8,000
3rd US compLexity Gaming - $4,000
4th US United 5 - $2,500
5-6th CA Homeless - $1,500
5-6th US MouseSpaz - $1,500

Congratulations to US iBUYPOWER for winning the tournament. Stay tuned at SK Gaming for the coverage of other tournaments as well.



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