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ESEA S15: Day 2

By Evgeni 'Zinnoc' Chardakov
Jan 21, 2014 02:17

ImageThe second day of ESEA League has finished. Titan eSports defeated compLexity in a tough three maps match.

Again we witnessed a lot of solid action from the finals of the fifteenth season of ESEA League in Dallas, Texas.

The competition started with the match between the number one seeded team US compLexity Gaming and CA Homeless on de_inferno. Excellent team play by coL won them the pistol round of the first half as T, as well as the traditional next two rounds. However, during the fourth round CA Neil 'montE' Montgomery's entry and US Ryan 'fREAKAZOiD' Abadir's aggressive play secured the round for team Homeless. Unfortunately for them, with the help of his teammates the youngster US Braxton 'swag' Pierce managed to win the eco round after that. Thanks to coL's in-game leader US Sean 'sgares' Gares' three frags, the team managed to score few more rounds. Solid team play from Homeless, however, kept them alive in the first half. CA Joshua 'steel' Nissan and montE's good performance were pushing Homeless even further. Once again fREAKAZOiD impressed the viewers by taking down four targets and defusing the bomb before the last second. Great round by US Spencer 'Hiko' Martin and CA Kory 'semphis' Friesen turned the tides in favor of team compLexity. Another interesting round was won by the boys from coL, as Hiko and in-game leader sgares managed to clutch 2on2 situation. A surprising move from steel and CA Justin 'mosbeck' Mosbeck scored them one more round. However, it did not help them much as again sgares and swag pushed the round for coL. Hiko's three frags and swag's superb play won the last round of the first half for their team.

During the second half, compLexity continued to scare team Homeless, as we witnessed the Canadian player Semphis take down three targets and win the all important pistol round. Again Semphis performed an aggressive attack and scored three more frags in his scoreboard. Homeless tried to take over bombside B, but unfortunately went into sgares' three man stack trap. The in-game leader sgares himself scored three frags that round. Semphis continued to play aggressive and managed to shoot three more targets down and eventually help his teammate swag finish the round with two frags. Homeless did not completely go down, as they managed to win one round during the entire second half, thanks to mosbeck and US Carey 'frozt' Kertenian. However, a stunning maneuver was made by swag as he took down two enemies through smoke and one more later the same round, helping Hiko to win 1on1 situation and score the first map for team compLexity.

Second map came up and it was the community build de_cache. This time, however, team Homeless stepped up massively, as we witnessed them winning the pistol round, thanks to fREAKAZOiD's three frags. Regardless the lost pistol round, Hiko and sgares won the eco round for coL. The next few rounds were won by compLexity as well, thanks to swag and Semphis taking eight frags in two rounds. Despite that, Homeless once again came up with a powerful team play, which secured them one round. One more time the compLexity duo swag and Semphis took down four targets together and won the next round. Excellent play by US Jordan 'n0thing' Gilbert and in-game leader sgares' AWP won yet another round. The youngster swag continued to perform better than expected and scored three frags in his scoreboard. Homeless decided to do two sniper stacks, but once again they were outmatched by team compLexity. Semphis' three kills secured another round for the number one seed. Surprisingly, despite Hiko performing extremely well and taking down three enemies in hope to clutch the round, unfortunately for him he went out of round time. Mosbeck's two frags were enough for his teammates to win the next round as well. A close round was coming up next, as we witnessed fREAKAZOiD and montE clutching 2on3 situation. The last round of the first half was won once again by Homeless.

The pistol round of the second half went directly to Homeless, thanks to steel and frozt four frags in total. Incredible individual performance by fREAKAZOiD won two more rounds for team Homeless, the first with three frags with P90 and the second with an ace against the fully equipped coL squad. However, Hiko was able to clutch a round in a 1on2 situation, thanks to n0thing's two frags in the beginning. Yet again montE and steel were able to take down four enemies in total and win another round for Homeless. They took down one more round thanks to fREAKAZOiD three frags and two by steel. During the next round we witnessed the most annoying weapon according to the community, the auto-sniper, being used by sgares, which eventually was a fair deal and helped his teammate swag to win the round for coL. The auto-sniper went crazy once again in the hands of sgares, as he managed to instantly drop three enemies and leave Hiko to spam bullets through the wall, successfully taking the last player of Homeless. Decent play by n0thing, swag and Hiko secured few more rounds for their team. Semphis continued coL's winning streak by winning a crucial round with three frags, alongside with n0thing. However, frozt's two quick entry kills and one more later in the round scored a round for Homeless and broke down compLexity's streak. Moving directly to the last round, we witnessed Homeless going into overtime by flawlessly winning the last round, thanks to steel and fREAKAZOiD. Team compLexity's n0thing and company quickly won the first round. Double auto-sniper stack from in-game leader sgares and swag won yet another round. Homeless' team play was crucial and won them one round, until being stunned by Hiko's four frags in the last round.

Moving onto the first match of the European team FR Titan eSports against US iBUYPOWER which started on de_season, a map that is rarely seen in the competitive scene. Despite FR Richard 'shox' Papillon's two entry in the beginning, the North American team iBUYPOWER was able take the pistol round as well as the followeing round. Titan, formerly known as VeryGames was able to secure the third round of the first map. US Sam 'DaZeD' Marine and US Eric 'adreN' Hoag started the round in favor of iBP, but were unable to win a clutch against BE Adil 'ScreaM' Benrliton. Dominant individual style was shown in the next three rounds, as we witnessed FR Nathan 'NBK' Schmitt taking four frags in the first, followed by the in-game leader BE Kévin 'Ex6TenZ' Droolans's three kills in the second and ScreaM taking down three in the third round. NBK continued to secure rounds for Titan eSports, as he managed to pull out three frags and allowed his teammate shox to finish their opponents with two frags for himself. Good performance by CA Keven 'AZK' Lariviére won a round with the company for iBP. Strong team play won yet another round for them. US Tyler 'Skadoodle' Latham continued the streak by taking down three enemies in the next round. Unfortunately, that did not last long, as we witnessed the in-game leader of Titan eSports Ex6TenZ scoring four frags and taking the lead. FR Edouard 'SmithZz' Dubourdeaux's three kills with the AWP won the last round for his team.

Going to the second half, shox stepped up for his team and scored double grenade kill and successfully defused the bomb to add one more round for Titan. He continued to secure rounds alongside his teammate SmithZz. The North Americans were on the edge of winning the next round, but unfortunately for them, they were outmatched by ScreaM and NBK. AZK and Skadoodle were able to secure one round and help DaZeD to score three frags in the next round and take the round as well. ScreaM and Ex6TenZ, however, won a 2on3 situation with four frags in total added to their scoreboards. Skadoodle went absolutely insane during the next two rounds, as he twice scored three frags. AZK and adreN continued to add rounds for iBUYPOWER. Once again extremely good performance by Skadoodle won yet another round and tied Titan eSports. NBK tried to stop that by scoring three frags, but was unable to overcome AZK and adreN's solid round play. AZK and DaZeD eventually finished off Titan eSports and won the first map for iBUYPOWER.

Moving on the all time favorite map, de_dust2, we witnessed complete dominance from the European team Titan eSports. Starting as CT, they managed to win the pistol round. More importantly SmithZz made four frags, including a grenade kill which stunned iBUYPOWER's momentum. ScreaM and SmithZz continued to pile rounds and won a tight situation. SmithZz surprised the viewers by also taking down four opponents with AWP. In the next round NBK scored three frags and helped ScreaM to win another round by clutching 2on1 situation. Titan eSports scored twelve rounds in a row, until finally being taken down by US Todd 'anger' Williams. Team iBUYPOWER managed to secure one more round, but failed to win the last round, as we witnessed the in-game leader Ex6TenZ and ScreaM winning 2on2 situation and securing a huge lead for the second half.

The second half was too short, as we witnessed ScreaM destroying all hope for the North Americans by scoring four frags to win the pistol round. Ex6TenZ's strats were more than enough to finish off iBUYPOWER and win the map.

The third and final map was de_nuke, where Titan eSports won the pistol round once again. The third round was very close, but unfortunately for iBUYPOWER, shox's three frags were enough to help SmithZz win 2on1 situation against adreN. Superb individual performance by shox won three rounds with eight frags in total, two of them from Molotov cocktail. Titan eSports won ten rounds in a row, until Skadoodle decided to step up with three frags and taking a round together with adreN. Despite Skadoodle's good overall performance during the match, SmithZz won a round by taking down three kills. In the next round, SmithZz again managed to score three frags. The last round of the first half went to iBP, thanks to their solid team play and adreN's 1on1 clutch.

Starting quickly with the second half, Skadoodle took down three targets to win the pistol round for iBUYPOWER. DaZeD's three frags kept iBP alive for few more rounds. However, Ex6TenZ's two entry kills allowed his teammate to secure the next round. NBK and SmithZz later on scored four kills in total and eventually Titan eSports won the match.

FR Titan eSports 13:16 US iBUYPOWER @ de_season
FR Titan eSports 16:2 US iBUYPOWER @ de_dust2
FR Titan eSports 16:5 US iBUYPOWER @ de_nuke

Unfortunately, we were unable to watch the stream during the next three matches due to various reasons and we apologize for the inconvenience. The basic stats from those matches can be found below.

US iBUYPOWER 16:5 US MouseSpaz @ de_dust2
US iBUYPOWER 16:6 US MouseSpaz @ de_nuke

US United 5 12:16 CA Homeless @ de_dust2
US United 5 16:13 CA Homeless @ de_mirage
US United 5 16:11 CA Homeless @ de_inferno

US iBUYPOWER 16:14 US United 5 @ de_cache
US iBUYPOWER 16:5 US United 5 @ de_dust2

Fortunately, we found a solution for our problems and were in time for the most awaited match. The match between the two most top seeded teams. The clash of the titans. The North American pride US compLexity Gaming against one of the best European teams FR Titan eSports , formerly known as VeryGames.

The first challenge was on de_dust2, where we witnessed the Canadian player Semphis and the brain behind coL, sgares, win the pistol round by clutching 2on2 situation. Titan eSports' in-game leader Ex6TenZ's strats scared the North Americans in the very beginning, but Semphis and Hiko were able to secure that close round. Hiko and n0thing added one more round, but were taken down by Titan eSports on the first gun round. The two entry kills performed by sgares with AWP seemed enough for compLexity to win the round, but unfortunately it went into a 2on2 situation, which was clutched by ScreaM and shox. The former Evil Geniuses star n0thing stepped up with three important frags and secured a round for coL. However, SmithZz and his teammates were able to grab the next round. Titan eSports continued to win rounds, thanks to shox and Ex6TenZ's great overall performance. Surprisingly, later in the match compLexity turned the tides in style, thanks to Hiko scoring four frags and clutching 2on5 situation together with swag. Despite that superb action, shox's aggressive maneuver with the AWP scored two fast frags and one more later in the round and helped ScreaM finish off their opponents. SmithZz's three frags during the next round were even more painful for the North Americans. Furthermore, compLexity were in deep trouble, as we witnessed Ex6TenZ winning 1on1 situation and continuing to add rounds for his squad. Fortunately for coL, sgares was able to predict what Titan was trying to do and managed to set up three man stack at long and with the three frags, including a grenade kill from swag, compLexity were able to win the last round flawlessly.

The French team managed to win the pistol round of the second half, thanks to shox's 1on2 clutch. However, beautiful action was performed by Hiko, taking down four enemies on an eco round. Semphis was able to revive the spirit of the North American team, as he added four more frags to his scoreboard, along with the round for his team. We later witnessed n0thing winning an AWP duel against SmithZz, but unfortunately that round still went to Titan eSports. SmithZz secured one more round by clutching 1on2 situation. The youngster swag managed to defend bombside B and scored three kills to bring yet another round for his team. An amazing win was achieved by n0thing and sgares in the next round. Team compLexity's n0thing continued to outmatch the Europeans by scoring three more frags and together with his teammates were able to tie their opponent. NBK and shox pulled out a crucial round and took the lead once again. During the next round the crowd went mental, as the youngest player of team compLexity swag took an insane frag through smoke and two more later in the round. Unfortunately for them, the team went under ScreaM's aim and that cost them the first map.

Please note that the computer of compLexity's in-game leader sgares crashed during an important 3on2 situation, which might have caused their lost on de_dust2.

Despite the bad luck, compLexity went completely crazy during the second map, which was de_inferno. Essential team play was compLexity's key of winning the pistol round - the North Americans scored a team ace and won the round flawlessly. Furthermore, the surprises continued to drop, as we witnessed n0thing's three kills in the beginning being crucial for his team to win a threatening 2on1 situation. Even more, n0thing scored yet again three kills as well as two more in the next round and helped his team win the first gun round, along with Hiko. However, the European side did not felt completely down, as NBK managed to clutch 1on1 situation. Regardless the lost round, n0thing continued to shine and together with Semphis once again pushed coL in a winning streak. The currently best French player shox scored three frags, but was still not enough for his team to win the round, as sgares managed to win a 1on1 situation. Team compLexity's captain sgares and his troops continued to massively add rounds. Great individual performance by NBK won a round, thanks to his four frags. The brain of coL sgares was simply unstoppable during de_inferno, as his two crucial AWP frags saved his team from yet another scary round. His play and n0thing's four frags were all compLexity needed to win the last round of the first half, leaving Titan eSports with only two rounds.

Thanks to ScreaM, the pistol round of the second half went directly to Titan eSports' scoreboard. Unfortunately, the Europeans collapsed after being outmatched by n0thing and company on an eco round. Ex6TenZ tried to do everything to help his team survive, but despite shooting down three targets, he was wiped out by the remaining players of coL. In the last round we witnessed n0thing clutching 1on1 situation and signing an easy victory over to the former VeryGames' squad.

The third and final map was de_nuke, considered to be one of the favorites of the European team. Starting with the pistol round, shox impressed the viewers by clutching 1on2 situation. Three frags by n0thing in the next round were supposed to bring a round in the hands of coL, but unfortunately he was unable to defuse the bomb in time. However, moving forward to the first gun round, n0thing managed to win the round, thanks to Semphis' assistance. A team ace was accomplished by team compLexity in a later round too. Incredibly solid performance by sgares once again won a round for his team as well as adding three frags in his scoreboard. Yet another three amazing frags were done by sgares with the AWP, but this time the in-game leader was unable to take the round with himself. Later on a team ace by Titan tied the score. Solid teamwork won few more rounds for the Europeans and kept them in the lead. Semphis and swag, however, were able to grab a round from team Titan. What followed was another insane round by n0thing, as he did manage to secure the last round of the first half by clutching 1on2 situation with three targets taken down.

The in-game leader of Titan eSports Ex6TenZ won the pistol round of the second half by picking up three frags. NBK's four frags during the next round were keeping compLexity's players low on cash. Despite n0thing stepping up once more, Ex6TenZ was able to stop him by clutching 1on3 situation. He scored four more frags against the eco rounded team compLexity. SmithZz AWP was not missing too, as he was able to hit several important shots. Semphis, Hiko and n0thing were able to secure few more rounds for coL, but during one of the rounds, coL went into a 2on2 situation, which was won by Ex6TenZ and SmithZz. Unable to recover completely, team compLexity secured one more round, before eventually being outmatched by the Europeans.

That was a must watch match for every fan of the mentioned above teams. Both of them performed better than expected. Both of them were playing solid and stable. A classic epic battle between two powerful teams from two different regions.

The second day of the finals of the fifteenth season of ESEA League in Dallas, Texas is over. Stay tuned at SK Gaming for the coverage of the third and final day.



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