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MLG Pro Ninja: "Competitive Halo is back with [H4]"

By Brian 'qntm' Krämer
Sep 12, 2012 21:11

ImageTyler 'Ninja' Blevins is one of the most popular MLG Halo pros. Throughout the different titles of Halo, he managed to keep the pro status and got good placements at various MLG Circuits. We interviewed him about his thoughts on Halo 4 and how it will change the competitive Halo scene.

He is one of the most outgoing personalities amongst the Halo scene. We're talking about Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins. The former apeX player is one of the few American Halo pros that made the way to Europe to attend the European Gaming League, which they confidently won. When he's not in Europe, one can follow his streaming sessions or watch him play at MLG's Pro Circuit events in North America. Tyler has been playing for several years now and therewith experienced the ups and downs coming along with Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo: Reach. The next title is just about to be released, Halo 4. Not only did it convince at E3 but also was announced that there will be a Halo 4 Pro Circuit tournament at MLG Dallas, although the game is released a few days later. We asked Tyler about his opinion on the new game and its future in competitive e-Sports.

What have you been up to since the end of the Halo:Reach season? Gaming, personal, we want to hear it all!

Let's just dive right into then.. I had an addiction to the new Star Wars game that came out and played for about 3 months straight. It took over my streaming life and honestly I was a little down in the dumps and in a rut. I needed something to get out, so I decided to start streaming Halo: Reach again despite it not being on the MLG Circuit and sure enough, I got my energy and flow back! Thank God my fans slowly started to come back and realize I was streaming again! Everything has been perfect the past month with my family and my girlfriend. Looks like streaming is the missing link!

Glad to hear you and your loved ones are doing well. Have you personally had an opportunity to play Halo 4? If so what are some of the pros and cons? If not is there anything you have heard of that has been confirmed that holds your interest?

I have not PERSONALLY played Halo 4, but I sure do have an opinion on it! I have watched all of Bravo's videos and seen 343's as well and I must say... Competitive Halo is back with this game. It has the weapons from all the Halos and more! The color of Halo 3 (which everyone loved) and has some great new aspects of game play that I am very interested to see in competitive play. 2 things that I noticed were the oddball being able to be thrown at close range, and not being able to drop the flag. Some people may be skeptical but I mean you can pistol someone while holding the flag. As a streamer, I see embarrassment opportunities ;)

I'm sure your stream can't wait! You've probably already said it but will Ninja be in attendance for MLG Dallas '12?

I will 150% be attending MLG Dallas '12. My team is still in question but I know I will land on the team I want. Also I already purchased my plane ticket way before the announcement of the tournament because me and my friends Hytrin and Jordan are breaking the world record in Texas for longest FPS Gaming session at a gamestop store!!! How lucky!

That's awesome, I may have to stop in and get a few hours in with you! As you know the previous season has put a lot of doubt into the minds of those involved with competitive gaming as far the relevance of the Halo series, how do you think Halo 4 will be received?

If Halo 4 is approached with an open mind by all of the FPS community especially the Halo community, then we will be in great shape. There are so many weapons and aspects of this game that are going to be INSANELY appealing to a wide audience and if we take advantage with all of what 343 is offering us I really think MLG will keep Halo 4 until the next Halo!


There has been a call to all Halo fans to buy up the competitor passes for MLG Dallas. Is there a message you'd want to give to all those questioning going/buying a pass?

This is the chance of a lifetime. If you do not attend this event whether it be spectating or playing, you are missing out on a huge moment of gaming history. Save up your money, stop eating at taco bell for a week, and put together 70$ and get 3 friends, buy the team pass and GO.

The majority of the Halo community including the majority of the pros haven't played Halo 4 yet. Obviously there are game play videos out, reviews, etc. but what do you personally think will be the key to success for those individuals who haven't played it yet?

Concentration. I think the professional players who concentrate the most on Friday during warm ups and take in as much of the game as possible (call outs, weapon drops) that will really set them above other pro teams and players.

What are some of the things you personally are going to do to better prepare yourself for MLG Dallas?

I am just working on my teamwork and individual skill overall. I know Halo 3 and Halo: Reach are not Halo 4, but if I am on my A game as a gamer, you bet your ass I am going to be a top player at Dallas.

I know we don't know what teams are all confirmed as far as attending, but do you care to give a prediction on who you think will win MLG Dallas '12 for Halo 4?

Whichever team I am on! Confidence is key. I am also interested to see how Instinct and Status Quo will place.

I can't wait to see either! Well thanks for taking some time out of your day to talk to me, I really appreciate it. Are there any last words/shout outs that you'd like to leave us with?

I would like to give a shout out to my family that supports me every day and my fans/viewers that support and watch me all the time! My last words to leave everyone with, Believe in Halo 4 and 343, make this game what you want it to be, Epic.
Ninj out!

Interview made by "SK Dropher"



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