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MC: OSL Ro16 Coverage

By Robert 'InzTTP' Wylie
Sep 11, 2012 15:22

ImageToday SK MC finishes his round of 16 campaign in the OSL round of 16 day5. His final opponent in none other than BroodWar legend, Flash. Read on for the battle of first place in group D.

The first season of OSL is a historic moment in StarCraft II. With the tides changing in Korea we see some of the best KeSPA pro gamers battling it out verse the current StarCraft II stars.

The final match in group D for MC will be against Flash. We could throw win rates around to hype up this match in many ways but the fact that it's two players of this calibre facing off for first place it's already exciting enough. With that being said statistically speaking PvT is MC's worst match up but his ability to perform on the biggest of stages is what sets him apart from the rest. In StarCraft II there's not much known about Flash as the transition is still happening but from what we've seen he's a very solid Terran player.

For both players, win or lose they will advance to the round of 8 but that wont stop them from giving it everything to finish their groups 3:0.

OSL Group D - Day 5, First place match!

KR Min Chul 'MC' Jang 0 - 1 KR Young Ho 'Flash' Lee
Game 1 - Entombed Valley - Winner: Flash

MC is now 2:1 in his group and finishes in second place!

Current Group D standings

1st. KR Young Ho 'Flash' Lee 3 wins 0 loss ADVANCED
2nd. KR Min Chul 'MC' Jang 2 wins 1 loss ADVANCED
3rd. KR Jae Wook 'BeSt' Doh 0 wins 2 loss
4th. KR Cho Won 'San' Kang 0 wins 2 loss

MC advances to the round of 8 in second place along side Flash. Stay tuned to SK-Gaming for updates on MC's OSL Campaign!



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