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ESEA S15: Day 1

By Evgeni 'Zinnoc' Chardakov
Jan 19, 2014 03:00

ImageThe first day of the tournament has finished and ESEA did not spare action and surprises for the viewers once again.

Yesterday we witnessed two challenging matches between the North American teams and one entertaining All-Star match between Team n0thing and Team NBK. Will we witness more surprises from ESEA?

Starting with the first clash of the day. The battle between CA Homeless and US MouseSpaz . The first map was de_mirage and we saw Homeless taking the pistol round and winning the traditional two rounds after that as well. However, the fourth round was won by mouseSpaz, thanks to US Steve 'reltuC' Cutler 1on2 clutch. Unfortunately for mouseSpaz, CA Joshua 'steel' Nissan stepped in and took three frags, thus helping his team regaining the winning streak. Surprisingly, mouseSpaz won the following eco round. Furthermore, reltuC and US Christian 'sobo' Soboleske set up heavy resistance and scored one more round. Despite that, Homeless quickly came back and won an eco. CA Justin 'mosbeck' Mosbeck's four kills continued to move his team forward, until eventually steel scored three frags and won the first map for Homeless.

Regardless of the bad performance by mouseSpaz during the first half, they managed to win the pistol round of the second. The Homeless squad took one more on their scoreboard, but later were pushed down by US Ricky 'sLip' Cohen and reltuC. Despite being at map point, sLip kept mouseSpaz alive by winning yet another round with three frags on his scoreboard. The North American team mouseSpaz continued to fight, winning a flawless round against an eco Homeless and as well as having reltuC scoring four kills in the next. Despite the strong push by mouseSpaz, Homeless managed to win the match, thanks to US Ryan 'fREAKAZOiD' Abadir's three kills.

Continuing to the second map, which was de_dust2. Solid defense by MouseSpaz won them the pistol round of the first half. In the next, we witnessed US Richard 'Lucky' Vasconcelos scoring an ace against the eco bound Homeless. However, fREAKAZOiD continued to play fearlessly, rushing middle and scoring three frags to secure a win for his team. Strong team play by mouseSpaz secured the followed round. Thanks to reltuC's four kills, mouseSpaz continued to secure more points on the board. Unfortunately for Homeless, another player stepped up massively and that was sobo, scoring three entry frags with the auto sniper. Yet again, sobo helped his team to move forward by winning 1on1 situation. Despite that, US Carey 'frozt' Kertenian and mosbeck won a round after that to secure a nice lead for his team.

During the second half of the second map, we once again witnessed brilliant play by reltuC, who scored three frags to win the pistol round for mouseSpaz. Lucky and sobo won the next round flawlessly. However, CA Neil 'montE' Montgomery's three kills gave Homeless a hope for comeback. Unfortunately for them, frozt and mosbeck were close for winning one more round, but were unable to defuse the bomb on time. Eventually sLip finished off the match and took his team to third and final map.

The final map was de_cache, a community built map. Once again, mouseSpaz won the pistol round, thanks to reltuC's two kills. However, everything went down for mouseSpaz during the next, as we witnessed steel scoring an ace on eco. A stunning performance by him helped his team to secure more wins, until sLip's aggressive AWP came up and returned a win for mouseSpaz. Regardless, Homeless and especially fREAKAZOiD were performing well, leaving mouseSpaz on the edge. Lucky once again stepped up for his team and took three frags, winning the round and giving a tiny hope for the North Americans. Yet, excellent play by montE and fREAKAZOiD continued to deliver wins for Homeless.

Moving forward to the second half, a team ace was made by Homeless to secure the pistol round, but good performance during the entire match by the Canadian player CA Pujan 'FNS' Mehta stopped the momentum of Homeless by scoring the third ace of the match. He continued to win rounds for mouseSpaz, but was quickly taken down by steel, who scored four kills. fREAKAZOiD finished off mouseSpaz and won the match by winning 2on2 situation in the last round.

CA Homeless 16:11 US MouseSpaz (12:3; 4:8) @ de_mirage
CA Homeless 5:16 US MouseSpaz (4:11; 1:5) @ de_dust2
CA Homeless 16:7 US MouseSpaz (11:4; 5:3) @ de_cache

Coming next is the match between the veterans US United 5 and considered as the second best team in North America US iBUYPOWER .

Starting once again with a surprise on de_cache, US Jason 'moses' O'Toole won the round for the veterans by clutching a 1on1 situation and taking three frags with him on T side. Intelligent defense by iBUYPOWER however, secured the followed eco round and crushed United 5's momentum. US Sam 'DaZeD' Marine and US Todd 'anger' Williams continued to score rounds for iBUYPOWER. Thanks to FR David 'Xp3' Garrido, US Tyler 'Storm' Wood managed to clutch 1on1 situation and to take the round for his team. Unfortunately for the veterans, US Tyler 'Skadoodle' Latham then regained the lead for iBUYPOWER by winning 1on1 situation with three frags on his scoreboard and defusing the bomb. DaZeD and CA Keven 'AZK' Lariviére continued to dominate and deliver rounds to their team. United 5 did not let iBUYPOWER to completely dominate, as we witnessed Xp3 and US Matt 'Warden' Dickens winning the last round.

During the pistol round of the second half, Skadoodle tried to take the all important round for his team by making an entry kill, but Warden's three frags along side with Storm's grenade kill denied iBP. Great play by Xp3 and US Zach 'tm-' Miller, who recently replaced US Danny 'fRoD' Montaner, secured few rounds for the veterans. Incredible performance by Warden won even more rounds for United 5, as he managed to take three kills and to bring back the momentum for his team. Once again, Warden stepped up and scored four frags in the followed round and tied the score. Unfortunately, US Eric 'adreN' Hoag and Skadoodle managed to win a round and broke u5's winning streak. Perfectly executed grenades helped iBUYPOWER to secure also the following rounds. The veterans were unable to comeback, as anger took down three targets and won 1on1 situation. Skadoodle's four frags and AZK's individual performance finished off the veterans and won the first map.

Going into the second map de_inferno, DaZeD's two entry frags in the back secured the pistol round for his team as CT. Unfortunately for United 5, a rare moment appeared for the veterans, as we witnessed Storm mistakenly shot down two teammates, yet moses was able to win the round for his team. TM opened bombside B with an entry frag and u5 set up effective barricade to win the next round. United 5 continued to win rounds, thanks to moses clutched 1on3 situation and as well as winning another 2on2 situation along side with Warden. However, iBUYPOWER managed to recover, as we saw AZK and company taking the next few rounds. Furthermore, DaZeD three frags against the eco rounded veterans continued to push his team forward. Despite TM's two frags in the beginning, AZK scored four frags, winning the round and ties the score. Eventually adreN took down moses to win the last round for iBUYPOWER.

Second half came up with former Evil Geniuses players Storm and Warden turning the tide and taking the pistol round for United 5. Unfortunately, DaZeD and AZK recovered instantly and won the eco. Excellent team play by iBUYPOWER managed to win them the next round flawlessly. However, Storm's two backstab kills managed to bring back United 5's spirit and won one more round for them. Despite losing the next round, Storm once again kept his team alive with three new frags in his scoreboard. However, the veterans from u5 were stunned by adreN's crucial AWP. Great individual play from Storm managed to take down his opponents in a 1on2 situation, but were unable to defuse the bomb on time, eventually giving up the round and the match as well to iBUYPOWER.

US iBUYPOWER 16:10 US United 5 (10:5; 6:5) @ de_cache
US iBUYPOWER 16:9 US United 5 (9:6; 7:4) @ de_inferno

Tomorrow the finals of the fifteenth season of ESEA League continues with more hot matches in Dallas, Texas. The following matches are:

Stay tuned at SK Gaming for more updates and feel free to hit the comment section below.



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