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n0thing overcomes NBK at ESEA

By Evgeni 'Zinnoc' Chardakov
Jan 18, 2014 23:13

ImageTeam n0thing won the All-Star match in the fifteenth season of ESEA League in Dallas, Texas.

US Jordan 'n0thing' Gilbert and his stars won the All-Star match with a clean and easy victory over the French leader’s team FR Nathan 'NBK' Schmitt.

US Team n0thing was:

FR Team NBK was:

The match began with the first pistol round that went flawlessly in the hands of Team n0thing. Excellent play by n0thing and US Ryan 'fREAKAZOiD' Abadir won the next few rounds for the team. Furthermore, the European representer FR Richard 'shox' Papillon came up with two AWP frags in the last round, allowing his captain n0thing to take the last target and win the first half for his team. However, Team NBK still managed to win three rounds in the first half as CT, as well as the team captain NBK winning 1on1 situation against shox. Unfortunately for him and his teammates during the pistol round of the second half we saw shox taking three massive frags with USP and secured both pistol rounds for Team n0thing, thanks to fREAKAZOiD's backstab in the end. Once again shox came up huge and took three beautiful headshots against eco. Nothing more to be said, as we saw Team n0thing going completely dominant, thanks to CA Keven 'AZK' Lariviére's three kills on the first gun round. In the last round the former compLexity and Evil Geniuses player US Matt 'Warden' Dickens successfully secured bombside B with three frags in his scoreboard and won the match for Team n0thing, leaving Team NBK without a single round in the second half.

US Team n0thing 16:3 FR Team NBK (12:3; 4:0) @ de_dust2

n0thing and NBK choosing players for the All-Star match (Photo property of ESEA)

Please note that the All-Star match was for entertainment purposes only. It does not affect the tournament at all like it was doing in the previous seasons. To determine who will be the number one seed for this event, ESEA came up with an aim-map match between US compLexity Gaming and FR Titan eSports early yesterday. Unfortunately that match was not streamed, but the streamers confirmed that compLexity has won that match and are now the number one seeded team.

Stay tuned at SK Gaming for more coverage from ESEA.



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