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SK Gaming CoD going to Paris

By Tobias 'T0kEn_' M.
Jan 21, 2014 23:56

ImageOn the 25th of January the SK Gaming Call of Duty team will attend their first offline tournament.

On the 28th November SK Gaming announced that the Call of Duty lineup has been completed. Since then, the team successfully performed several times in a wide variety of online competitions. From the 25th to 26th January it is time for the team to participate in their first offline event called "SkyLan". The event is located in the surburbs of Paris and will feature some massive SK Gaming content production. While we provide you with live information via Twitter and Facebook, you can click on the YouTube channel for reaction videos, interviews and other stuff. So be sure you follow all our content channels: Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Of course we will provide you with some English live coverage from the normal SK Gaming social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and videos on the YouTube channel as well.

That's what Team Manager DE Daniel 'ShoX' Berger had to say about his team's first tournament attendance:

"After we have thoroughly prepared in the last few weeks and already been able to achieve some good online placements, I'm really looking forward to our first offline event and to seeing how we will perform in this situation. We are very optimistic going into the tournament and totally motivated to try our best. I would like to thank SK Gaming, all our sponsors and our fans for their great support."

DE Lukas 'RocKzz' Stach, player for the SK Gaming Call of Duty Team, adds:

"Now, after we earned so many good placements in a bunch of online tournaments, such as the Gfinity Pro League, some MLG 2k Series tournaments and other ones, we can not wait to finally go to our first offline event. We are playing as a team since November 2013, which is why we will be playing for the first time in this constellation at an event. But in the recent weeks the team chemistry developed so great that I am totally convinced this to be a big step in the right direction and a key to success. Of course we also have objectives for this upcoming offline event in Paris (SkyLan): We assume that a Top 3 placement is definitely realistic and an obligation after this amazing performance in the recent online competitions."

A total number of two German competitive teams will attend SkyLan #2 this weekend. If you want to see all the teams who are attending this event just follow this link.

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