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GSTL: Best and Worst Week 1

By Ivan 'mmdollar' Batakov
Sep 10, 2012 22:47

ImageWhich team will be the final champion of 2012? YongHwa did an amazing all-kill in day two, and avenged his team. IM-SK's roster is now full of Code S players, and pressure mounts for them this season to deliver a championship.

The Global StarCraft II Team League has been the staple team tournament in Korea. Players have built a name for themselves and some have fallen short of living up to the hype. GSTL has been one of the most anticipated tournaments of this year! Here at SK-Gaming we've summed up the action from the week so let's just jump right in!

This week was full of games with great and innovating strategies and nail biting series. Ace players were pulled to play but not all of them performed as expected. A lot of Terran versus Protoss games were played in the past days almost no Zerg games were seen.


One of the most appealing and must watch games was in day one between Jjakji and Seed. This game went passive at the start until both of them started their 3 base play and the poking started, the first attacks were from jjakji with a +1 attack, stim and combat shield timing but it did not work versus the Colossus play from Seed. Later one the game got dragged till the late game, where nukes were seen and a lot of storms. With some back and forth action between the two of them, things went a little crazy when Seed managed to get into Jjakji’s main base. The multiple tech switches from Seed proved difficult for Jjakji to handle. In the end it was enough for Seed to claim victory for himself and IM-SK. This game was perfect for a number of reasons, Seeds ability to make the perfect decision when needed is what sets him apart from the rest. Check out the VOD you will not be disappointed!

One of the upsets of the weeks was the game between Jjakji and MVP. Where Jjakji opted for a proxy Starport near MVP’s base and even though MVP held the attack off without much damage he wasn't able to capitalize on the pressure fomr Jjakji. In the mid game MVP started to struggle in securing a fourth base since Jjakji had his third base so much earlier. In the end MVP was too far behind in economy and was not able to catch up and he was forced to leave.

The most disappointing game of the week was between Yonghwa and Moon. Moon known for being one of the best Warcraft 3 progamers needed to show some good results in this game, but sadly it went rather poorly. YongHwa upon seeing that the overlord of Moon was not over his second Hatchery he immediately placed a Pylon followed by two Cannons who managed to kill the Hatchery and the Zerg player ended up with a one base play. Moon decided to go with the desperate decision to make a Nydus Network and hope that YongHwa won’t scout his base but that did not happen and the tactic was denied upon it’s start. Right after the failed Zerg attempt to win the game YongHwa attacked with his army and won the game. This game was one of the worst games of the week, save yourself some time and count yourself lucky if you haven't seen the VOD yet!

Next week there will only be one match, the teams that will battle it out will be New Star HoSeo and Fnatic. Even though there will be only one series it will feature players like the Code S champion Jjakji, IPL winner aLive and the amazing Protoss player Oz. There is definitely potential for an exciting series so make sure you tune in for that.

Don’t forget to come and check to read the next weekly recap of series on Monday the 17-th. Also check GOMTV’s Video Live Stream.



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