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SK Gaming welcomes League Amateur Team

By Alexander T. 'TheSlaSH' Müller-Rodic
Jan 17, 2014 18:28

ImageIt was announced earlier that SK Gaming was looking for an amateur team for League of Legends besides having their LCS team already playing the spring split. Today we are happy to welcome Team Kappa Prime to the SK family.

The goal was from the start to have a team representing SK Gaming in the Coke Zero Challenger Series and after scouting for some time, SK Gaming came to terms with the Team Kappa Prime players who will play under the black and white banner from now on.

The complete roster:
Top: Pavel 'mozilla' Klaban
Jungle: Jonnie "Ginsu" Hansson
Midlane: Fabi "Exileh" Schubert
ADCarry: Jesper "Phlow" Svenningsen
Support: Stefan "Sixx" Hackl

Team Management: Joe 'InnerFlame' Elouassi

And here is what their team manager, Joe 'InnerFlame' Elouassi had to say:
"We are extremely proud to join SK gaming. SpawN, MC, Rapha are among the vast amount of great players that have come from the SK Gaming family. Every player in this team is aiming to have their name in that hall of fame with them. It is a huge honour for both myself and the team to become a part of this hugely respected family. We will do our very best for SK Gaming and do everything in our power to fight for the name and home that this organisation gives us. #GamingisBelieving"

Our managing director Alexander T. Müller adds:
"It is important for us to go step by step. The LCS team was priority number one. Once we had everything going, we invested a lot of time into the amateur scene. Our goal is to help this young lineup and establish those players to improve them on all levels possible. What we have seen so far was very exciting. We know the Challenger Series is tough and with NiP as our opponent, we have a lot of work ahead of us, but this is a long term approach. We are committed. "

To underline what this team is capable of, enjoy their deciding moment of their 'Challenger Series Play In' match against Ocelote's Challenger team.

Go to 49:15 to see the real action, unless of course you want to enjoy the full match.

Welcome, boys!



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