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CyberGamer expands to CS:GO

By Marvin 'Destroyer1721' Horstmann
Sep 8, 2012 23:35

ImageCyberGamer has announced that they will be indeed supporting Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in future tournaments with 2.000€ price money.

Global Offensive is on the advance. Following CyberGamer's success in hosting leagues for Call of Duty 4, they have now decided to support CS: Global Offensive. The upcoming seasons for CS:GO will be implementing the same formats as applied in their previous leagues, but with the addition of qualifiers.

With future plans for CS:GO, CyberGamers have formed a new partnership with Tt eSports. Here is an official statement by Andrew Christoforou, European Marketing and Community Manager of Tt eSPORTS:

"With a lot of excitement surrounding the Release of Counter Strike: Global Offensive and the Success we've already achieved with the Call of Duty leagues at Cyber Gamer, Tt eSPORTS are pleased to announce our support for the new CS:GO league. The opportunity to continue our growing relationship with Cyber Gamer and to support the Counter Strike scene was something we were looking in to and we hope this will be the beginning of a long term support of Cyber Gamer and CS:GO community."

Not only has CyberGamer announced their newly found partnership with Tt eSports, they have also announced the prizes they will be giving out the first season. They will be releasing a number of different prizes for each league in which they hope will be very beneficial to everyone with the support of their new partners.

All prices and leagues in the overview:

CyberGamer Invite League

1. €1,000 + 5x Tt eSPORTS MEKA G-UNIT keyboards
2. €500 + 5x Tt eSPORTS SHOCK One headsets
3. €250 + 5x Tt eSPORTS Black Element mice

CyberGamer Main League

1. 5x Tt eSPORTS Challenger keyboards
2. 5x Tt eSPORTS SHOCK headsets
3. 5x Tt eSPORTS Conkor mouse pads

CyberGamer Academy League

1. 5x Tt eSPORTS Dasher mouse pads

The leagues' development techniques are planned to be split into two, which consist of the CyberGamer qualifier cups and the CyberGamer Open Ladder.

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