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Sørlanet with over $3.000 CS:GO tournament

By (._.) 'DisappointedGuy' .
Sep 8, 2012 23:51

ImageThe organizers of the Sørlanet released details about the event, including the prizes distribution. The event will take place between October 1st and 4th, hosting a total prize pool of $3.480 for the CS:GO tournament.

More CS:GO news from Norway come to light today. Some days ago, we announced in a news post that the bLAN event that will be held in the Nordic country, will be featuring the Valve's new game as one of its main titles. Now, the turn to announce a new event is for the organization behind the Sørlanet.

The released details about the event includes the prizes distribution, as well as the games featured. For the 2012 edition, the Sørlanet picked up Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and StarCraft 2 as official games totaling a $10.442 prize pool. From the total of the prize pot, $3.480 will be for the CS discipline.

Sørlanet's prize distribution for CS:GO:
1st. $2.175
2nd. $870
3rd. $435

The Norwegian event will run between October 1st and 4th at Gimlehallen, Kristiansand. It is worth noting that Sørlanet will be held in the same week as the BondeLAN, that features a $2.636 prize pool for CS:GO.




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