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ESEA Finals schedule now available

By Evgeni 'Zinnoc' Chardakov
Jan 17, 2014 11:29

ImageE-Sports Entertainment Association released the schedule for their upcoming fifteenth season.

In less than a day, the offline finals of the fifteenth season of ESEA League will launch in Dallas, Texas. The $90,000 event features one team from Europe and five from North America. A trailer to hype you up even more was provided by ESEA and can be seen here.

During the previous season we witnessed a lot of interesting moments, such as having the legendary players US Kyle 'Ksharp' Miller and US Ronald 'Rambo' Kim streaming the tournament on side, as well as their former teammate US Salvatore 'Volcano' Garozzo actually playing in the event for US Dynamic . We also witnessed ESEA co-founder US Craig 'Torbull' Levine’s joke about Team 3D’s "returning."

Torbull attempting to fool the community by "announcing Team 3D return to competitive scene."

Similar to the current situation regarding the European teams, the previous season featured only one team from Europe as well and that was SE Ninjas in Pyjamas which without much doubt won the grand final by defeating US Jordan 'n0thing' Gilbert's US compLexity Gaming in three maps.

The stats from the previous season's grand final:

NiP Gaming triumph at ESEA after a tough match against coL. (Photo property of ESEA)

Most importantly, there are a lot of surprises planned for the viewers. An All-Star match will open the finals of the fifteenth season of ESEA League. The in-game leaders of the two most seeded teams, which are FR Titan eSports and US compLexity Gaming will be able to pick other players in order to create a team, however they are not allowed to pick up players from their own team. Furthermore, there will be contest between the two teams mentioned above on an aim-map to decide who will be the number one seed. Unfortunately, that match will not be streamed.

ESEA Season 15 League’s schedule is the following:

Day 1 - Saturday, January 18th
00:00 CET – All-Star match
01:30 CET – US Homeless vs. US MouseSpaz
04:00 CET – US United 5 vs. US iBUYPOWER

Day 2 - Sunday, January 19th
17:00 CET – FR Titan eSports / US compLexity Gaming vs. US Homeless / US MouseSpaz
20:00 CET – FR Titan eSports / US compLexity Gaming vs. US United 5 / US iBUYPOWER
22:30 CET – Lower Round 2
01:00 CET – Lower Final
03:30 CET – Upper Final

Day 3 - Monday, January 20th
17:30 CET – Consolidation Final
19:30 CET – Grand Final

The casters has been announced by ESEA as well:

US Corey 'dunN' Dunn
CA Alex 'Vansilli' Nguyen
US Holden 'Nedloh' Silvia
US Dustin 'dusT' Mouret
US Justin 'sunman' Summy

Additional commentary might be provided from the North American teams as well as guest casting by former Counter-Strike players. You can watch the matches via ESEA’s hub. More detailed information can be found on ESEA News.

Stay tuned at SK Gaming for the coverage of the finals of the $90,000 fifteenth season of ESEA League that will take place after few hours in Dallas, Texas.

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