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ProGaming.TD with two changes

By Evgeni 'Zinnoc' Chardakov
Jan 18, 2014 00:44

ImageThe Brazilian organization announced that zakk and FalleN will no longer be representing their CS:GO squad.

In less than two years ago, BR ProGaming.TD stunned the community by announcing their CS:GO team featuring the Brazilian legend and former mibr star BR Raphael 'cogu' Camargo. Furthermore, the expectations for the team were significantly increased by the fact that the team was going to spend three weeks practicing for ESWC 2012 in one of the most famous computer clubs on the planet Inferno Online in Stockholm, Sweden.

Unfortunately, despite the long boot camp everything went completely out of control for the team in ESWC, as they were knocked out early in the tournament, finishing 7-8th place.

The Brazilians returned for Dreamhack Winter 2012, where the team started with a lost against DK Copenhagen Wolves , but later on defeated the North American US Curse.US and the Swedish team SE . However, once again the team failed to play on their highest level and were defeated by the legendary team SE Ninjas in Pyjamas , who sent the Brazilians home with 5-8th place.

ProGaming.TD with cogu at Dreamhack Winter 2012. (Photo property of

In February last year, cogu left ProGaming.TD and since then the team were silent. However, in July ProGaming.TD brought in the Brazilian rising star BR Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo and few months later the team won Campus Party Ecuador, an event that had the biggest names from South America competing in it.

Now the Brazilian organization announced that FalleN and BR Rafael 'zakk' Fernandes dropped out from the team. At the moment it is unknown if both players will continue to play competitively and if yes, in which team.

ProGaming.TD decided to replace the two dropped players with the former playArt player BR Fernando 'fer' Alvarenga and BR Felipe 'fbm' Mengue.

BR ProGaming.TD are now:

There is no information yet released about which events the team will attempt to participate in.

Stay tuned at SK Gaming for updates.




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