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TSL 4 - Grand Finals Preview

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Sep 7, 2012 16:03

ImageTSL 4 has by far been one of the most anticipated online tournaments the StarCraft 2 world has seen so far. The prestigious 32 player tournament is featuring players from all over the world! The Grand Finals are about to get under way - let's preview the action ahead of us!

The Team Liquid Starleague has become one of the biggest events of the year. TSL is known for changing the lives of many young pro gamers looking to make a name for themselves. This TSL will be no different in fact with the upcoming launch of HOTS this might be the tournament for someone to build their career.

Ever since TSL 4 was announced the expectations were quite high. TSL 3 came to an epic ending with ThorZaIN and NaNiwa having a showdown which resulted in a very close and exciting match series with ThorZaIN as a lucky winner. As TSL 4 was announced in April 2012 people were already hyped up and even the qualifiers were hard as everyone was trying to get into TSL 4. Now the end of TSL 4 is here! Nearly all the matches and rounds have been played. 32 players tried their best to get to the finals but only two players are left standing. With the third place match also being played it'll be an interesting night. Let's take a look at the last two matches coming up!

Image courtesy of TeamLiquid

First of all let's take a look at the grand final match series of TSL 4. In contrast to TSL 3 no foreigner even made it to the top 4 or top 2. The two Koreans in the Grand Final are two exceptional players who have both earned their spot. They had some tough opponents in their way to the Grand Final but they defeated everyone who was in their way.

The one and only Protoss in the top 4 is Creator. People could already write books about him and every new day would give the writers so much more to write. Creator is one of the few really dangerous Protoss players from Korea. He is playing in the same team as MarineKing, one of the best Terrans in the world, and therefore it might not be too surprising for some people to see Creator in the Grand Final. On his way to the Grand Finals he only lost two maps overall and didn't drop a single map until he was in the round of 4. He annihilated his opponents and made strong players like CoCa or Hack look like players from silver league. Creator still looks pretty unstoppable and the 3:0 against CoCa looks like a good reason that proves how good he is.

No matter which race he has to face, it seems he is a master in every matchup. The only question left is if he will be dominating in the Grand Final as well or if his opponent has any chance at all. Well, TSL 4 is one of the last and most prestigious tournaments left before HotS will kick off so the motivation for Creator couldn't be any higher. But how good are his chances? They could barely be any better and with 2 maps dropped out of 16 overall in TSL 4 he is the best player of TSL 4 already, in respect to the statistics, and even if he should lose in the Grand Final he will still be the best one in that aspect.

The opponent of Creator in the Grand Final is the Zerg player Life. He has been well known to people who follow the GSL regularly. With numerous good results in Code S of the GSL and other impressive wins against professional gamers he may not be underestimated and is the kind of player who can win tournaments even if nobody thinks he could do it.

His run in the TSL 4 was kind of hard. He barely made it to the round of 16 and had a close mirror match against Curious but won in the end. In his last match in TSL 4 he was playing against KeeN and he destroyed him with 4:1. So he has got the confidence going into the Grand Final as he has beaten some very good players. The Grand Final will be a lot harder though as both players will be highly motivated to win TSL 4.

The PvZ matchup might favour Zerg a bit but this Grand Final is something special. The usual rules and predictions seem to be wrong. Both players are very good but Creator is obviously the favourite. However the strength of Zerg players mustn't be underestimated. Creator has defeated good Zergs already and so far nobody could really stop him from advancing. He should win the TSL 4 and take the title.

Prediction: Creator 4 - 1 Life

With no Terran in the top 2 the Terrans in the Starcraft II community might think they don't have to watch TSL 4 any longer but there are two Terrans left who will fight for rank 3. Sting and KeeN are known in Korea and they are two very good players who could have been in the Grand Final but unfortunately didn't make it.

Only a few people gave Sting any chances of advancing at all. The currently teamless Terran surprised a lot of people by advancing this far in the TSL 4. He had a rough time against some players but he just lost against Creator which is not really a shame considering his incredible run in TSL 4. In the TvT matchup Sting has beaten Beastyqt 3:1 leaving a good impression. However it is already certain that he will not be in the top 2 and therefore his motivation might not be that high.

KeeN on the other hand is on the team MVP, one of the best teams in Korea. He is famous for his aggressive playstyle. He had a lot of close match series in TSL 4 and had to fight in every round. Did that wear him off a bit? It could be but does not seem very likely. He is in team MVP for a reason and he has won quite a few cups. All killing SlayerS gives some good proof that you have to keep him in mind.

The match series could very likely need the whole distance of seven maps. Both players have shown that they can rush and cheese but also play a macro style as well. TvT is completely different from other matchups and could take some time but there are a lot of options for both players. Sting and KeeN both had some trouble on their way to the game for rank 3 and of course both have their strengths and weaknesses. A 4:3 could be the result for each of those two players and probably the one with the better condition at that day will win.

Prediction: Sting 3 - 4 KeeN

TSL 4 is nearly over and some epic games could be seen. The spots in the top 4 were hard to get and the last two matches will hopefully be very exciting as well. Especially Zerg and Protoss players will look forward to the final of TSL 4 and cheer for their favourite. The games start tomorrow at 8PM CET over at Team Liquid.

However if you can't watch the action live tonight then don't worry, here at we will be providing live coverage of the entire night with results being updated as they happen and recaps of each series, be sure to check that out.



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