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Moscow Five disbands

By Samuel 'DarthBotto' Horton
Sep 7, 2012 09:49

ImageHot off the heels of The International, the Russian organization has dropped its Dota 2 team.

Five days following The International, RU Moscow Five has dropped their Dota 2 team, due to a compounded lack of professionalism and recent results. According to Moscow Five's general manager, Konstantin Pikiner, the team, which was required to boot camp in preparation for the massive event, did not fulfill their obligation. Rather, three out of the five players practiced in advance, putting a team at a disadvantage to the other teams that had prepared extensively. Possibly as a direct result, the team failed to make any impact at the event by tying for last against DE mousesports and getting knocked out of the first round of the lower bracket in the playoffs. As such, the team did not bring home any prize money.

In addition, according to the management of Moscow Five, the team performed and behaved in an unprofessional and immoral fashion. Not only was the team's dedication to the tournament called into question, but the respect the players showed towards their fans and Moscow Five staff members. By the reasoning of Moscow Five, a diplomatic solution with their players has not been an option by any stretch of the imagination, warranting the dismantling of the division.

Statement from Moscow Five General Manager RU Konstantin Pikiner:
"What is a true team? A team you are not ashamed to cheer for and support? First of all, players should respect their fans. I find it rather wild, when you have to force your own players to do an interview for their own website. We weren’t even dreaming about involving them in other fan related activities.

Second of all, it is a professional attitude towards training. The team was offered good conditions for training, nevertheless they regarded their stay at bootcamp as a holiday. Consequently there was no progress both in terms of their play and discipline. Prior to TI2 we came across a problem – two of our rosters required a bootcamp simultaneously, therefore M5.Dota players were able to move in ten days before they were to leave to the US, but only three players did so. If the players think that a tournament with a $1,600,000 prize pool is not motivating enough for a common training, I have no idea, what else out there could motivate them to train.

Moreover, it is about decent results. Of course every one of us desires his/her favourite team winning all the time, but we do realize that it is not possible. Yet loses can be achieved differently. Sharing the last four places at The International – tournament with the best teams around the world, is not a shame. More shameful is an absence of a backbone and a desire to win, which our team has displayed throughout the tournament. If this is the case with The International, with months of training prior to it, then what comes next?

Undoubtedly, there were mistakes on our side as well and we do not neglect them. We have taken them into consideration and shall not repeat them. We realize that it is practically impossible to assemble a strong all-Russian roster at the moment, but we are not afraid of obstacles on a way towards establishment. In the end I would like to apologize in front of M5.BenQ fans for an unacceptable result at TI2 and for an unprofessional behavior in a match against DK."

Although this turn of events marks the end to this particular lineup, the management of Moscow Five has expressed their continued dedication to Dota 2 and that a new team would be pursued as soon as possible. Two of the players from the five have received invitations to return to the organization as the start to a new squad. However, what has been stressed is that Russian players of the former Moscow Five's caliber have not been plentiful and the reconstruction phase is uncertain.

Source: Moscow Five



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