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2012 GSTL Season 3 Kick Off!

By Ivan 'mmdollar' Batakov
Sep 6, 2012 18:32

ImageWe have seen some amazing matches and storylines throughout this year, but which team will be the final champion of the 2012 Global StarCraft Team League?

After the amazing end to the GSTL Season 2 at Haeundae Beach, Busan, GOMTV are happy to announce that the GSTL is back! GSTL Season 3 will be the final season of team leagues in 2012 so be sure to see who will be the final champion of this year! GSTL Season 3 will run from September 7th, 2012 until November 24th, 2012.

After seeing some of the GSTL's weaker teams in Group A, preliminary Group B was going to provide an exciting change of scenery. With IM-SK, TSL, Fnatic, and oGs bringing a slew of top class Code S players. It seemed almost unthinkable, when Prime won IPL TAC, KSL and GSTL, that they could ever lose a series. Since then, they've suffered two all-kills at the hands of skillful players, and their team league winning streak had come to an end.

SlayerS was once the most prestigious and popular team in Starcraft II, founded in the early days by the legend himself, SlayerS_Boxer. SlayerS peaked with MMA's Blizzard Cup championship in December of 2011, and then a process of decline began. As the first GSTL of 2012 came to an end in Las Vegas, SlayerS were in need of a foreign tournament win, a deep Code S run or a championship in the GSTL. However, all of those goals seemed far out of their grasp.

FXOpen did not have Boxer or the huge fan support that Slayers had. All they had was just themselves, a strong management who stood behind them through thick and thin and a passionate coach who will do anything to see his team succeed. The belief of FXOpen’s players that they can be the champions of the world also helped them winning GSTL Season 2 over SlayerS-EG.

This season is setting up to be one of the most dramatic seasons yet, each team heading into new area and all their players reaching higher. It's too hard to call who will win but we're in for an entertaining season for sure!

All the information you will need on how this season will run is below!


List of the 9 teams participating and their respective points in the league:

1. KR FXOpen - 6500
2. KR Prime - 5780
3. KR SlayerS - 3279
4. KR StarTale - 3279
5. KR MVP - 3000
6. KR Team SCV Life - 1950
7. KR New Star HoSeo - 1560
8. KR Incredible Miracle - 1230
9. EU Fnatic - 780

GSTL Season 3 Map Pool

1. ESV_Muspelheim
2. GSL_Whirwind
3. GSL_Ohaha
4. GSL_Cloud Kingdom
5. GSL_Emtombed Valley
6. GSL_Antiga Shipyard
7. GSL_Daybreak
8. GSL_Abyssal City
9. GSL_Grand Lagoon

Format for this season:

Round 1 (Preliminaries)
- Best of 9
- 3 participating teams: NSH, LG-IM, FnaticRC
(the top 6 teams of 2012 GSTL Season 2 are seeded into Round 2)
- Round robin style: All teams will play each other and only 2 will advance

Round 2 (Pennant Race)
- Best of 9
- 8 participating teams: FXOpen, TSL, Prime, SlayerS, StarTale, MVP + (2 teams from Round 1)
- 2 groups with 4 teams each. Dual Tournament format, 2 teams advance, 2 teams are eliminated.
(Same system as Code S Ro32, Ro16)

Round 3 (Playoffs)
- Best of 9
- Semi-Finals: Group A 1st vs Group B 2nd, Group A 2nd vs Group B 1st
- Grand Finals

GSTL Season 3 Schedule:

Round 1:
● Match 1 - NSH vs LG-IM, – 9/7 18:10 KST
● Match 2 - Match 1 winner vs Fnatic – 9/8 14:10 KST
● Match 3 - Match 1 loser vs Fnatic – 9/15 14:10 KST

Round 2:
● Group A Match 1 - FXO vs Round 1 team that advanced second
● Group B Match 1 - SlayerS vs Round 1 team that advanced first
● Group A Match 2 - TSL vs PRIME
● Group B Match 2 - StarTale vs MVP
● Group A Winners' Round - Group A Match 1 winner vs Group A Match 2 winner
● Group B Winners' Round - Group B Match 1 winner vs Group B Match 2 winner
● Group A Losers' Round - Group A Match 1 loser vs Group A Match 2 loser
● Group B Losers' Round - Group B Match 1 loser vs Group B Match 2 loser
● Group A Final Round - Group A winners' match loser vs Group A losers' match winner
● Group B Final Round - Group B winners' match loser vs Group B losers' match winner

● Ro4 Match 1 Round 2 Group A Rank 1 vs Round 2 Group B Rank 2
● Ro4 Match 2 Round 2 Group B Rank 1 vs Round 2 Group B Rank 1


As usual there will be a free LQ stream for all GSTL matches available on .



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