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Hyrqbot & Deficio to retire

By Philipp 'Phil122' Neubauer
Jan 14, 2014 00:25

ImageAfter Ninjas in Pyjamas failed to requalify for the next LCS split due to lateness and non-installed tournament clients, their Jungler and coach/manager decided to leave the team.

EU Ninjas in Pyjamas lost two of their members only in a couple of days. After not qualifying for the next LCS split and deciding not to attend the second qualifier, FR John 'hyrqBot' Velly decided to retire as a League of Legends pro player and the NIP manager/coach DK Martin 'Deficio' Lynge will start his new job as a shoutcaster for at least the first week of EU LCS. He's not under any contract with Riot or ESL as of yet which forces him to deliver to be able to cast more LCS matches.


This leaves at least two open spots for NIP which will play in the new "Coke League" starting alongside the upcoming spring split. Their new jungler most likely wont be their stand-in for the second promotion match Jakob "fury III" Burke. As they say themselves, they were pretty successful with him in the training sessions before the promotion tournament. Anyway, Jakob mains Marksman and so he might not be the best possible option in the long term.

On the other hand, there is SE Tobias 'Malunoo' Magnusson who played at NIP alongside the old line-up in the last split. He will most likely keep the spot as a substitute. What is certain right now is that the Swedish Challenger Jungler Amin "CJ Amin" Mezher will jungle for NIP in "Coke League". Unfortunately he is only 16 years old and will turn 17 after the beginning of the 2014 summer split. That means that they can switch him in during the split (Bjergsen model) or after Worlds (Rekkles model).

Time will tell and I personally hope that NIP can stabilize after these eventful days and will be successful in the first split of "Coke League".



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