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Niko speaks his mind on CS:GO: ''It sucks''

By (._.) 'DisappointedGuy' .
Sep 5, 2012 16:20

ImageFormer Lions, Lemondogs and Winfakt star Niklas 'niko' Johansson released a statement about his future after parting ways with the Belgian organization. On the short statement he says that will not play CS:GO because ''It sucks''.

Was announced just a few hours ago that the Belgian-based organization Winfakt stopped the support to the Counter-Strike 1.6 team. After that event, the possibility of the players moving to CS:GO started to sound promising. On a statement released to, the former Lions, Lemondogs and Winfakt's star SE Niklas 'niko' Johansson spoke his mind on the brand new Valve's game.

Is there any posibility that we'll see your team continue to play together, in 1.6 or CS:GO?
"We were hoping to attent the last 1.6 tournaments, but this won't be the case since it would be hard to find both a fifth player and a sponsor willing to send us. I feel bad for wenton who never got to play a tournament with us. Personally, I won't be playing CS:GO, so you won't be seeing us continue playing together. I watched a game when NiP played, and to be honest I'd rather watch Prisoner on a black and white TV, but the reason for that might be because I haven't played the game myself. I looks like Source though, and that sucks more than Pamela Anderson."

You've basically been a part of this core since 2009. How big of a setback is this to you personally?
"Everyone can't turn down fnatic when they open their wallet, right? ;) Nah, I actually understand why Emil went for it, so there are no hard feelings. He wanted to go to China, and we didn't have that possibility in WinFakt. So, this is a great opportunity for me quit, it's just sad that we were not able to go to the last tournaments."

With niko's not seeing his future on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive it remains to know what the other ex-Winfakt's players plan to do.




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