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iG won The International, $1 million

By Samuel 'DarthBotto' Horton
Sep 4, 2012 22:12

ImageInvictus Gaming has made history by winning The International 2012 by beating Natus Vincere. Therefore, the team claimed the Aegis of the Champions trophy, as well as a million dollars.

As of now, UA Natus Vincere have been dethroned, following a year of being the official Dota 2 world champions. CN Invictus Gaming handily beat the Ukrainian team in a 3-1 showdown. As such, iG were presented with the Aegis of the Champions trophy, which will now be featured in-game in its virtual form, providing the team and player names for the next year. More noticeable, however, is the sheer scope of their prize money, which equates to one million American dollars. Our matches index center has been updated accordingly and due to the scope of this tournament, half the highest-earning teams are part of the Dota 2 scene, with Na'Vi and iG topping the list.

The roads of iG and Na'Vi have had their pit falls, to say the least. Na'Vi started the group stage with lacking results in group B, with them ending their first day at the bottom of the rankings, alongside UA Darer Entertainment . They began clawing their way back and by the end of the group stage, they had finished in the upper-middle of their group, placing them in the upper bracket of the playoffs. Invictus Gaming, on the other hand, had an opposite effect in the tournament. Losing only to CN EHOME in a single match, iG finished in a close second to the undefeated CN LGD-Gaming cn in the overall group stage. During the quarter finals, however, they were beaten into the lower bracket by Na'Vi, putting them at odds with comparable Chinese teams leading up to the grand final.

The grand fnal itself received mixed reactions from the community and audience present. The matches predominantly featured Naga Siren, whose ultimate, Song of the Siren, is often seen as a cheap, overpowered method to prepare one's team for taking on enemies. As such, use of the ultimate on both sides of the matches received a resentful response from the audience. In addition, in the final game, Na'Vi was utilized a turtling strategy for the later portion of their match, which, while compounded with the methodical approach of iG, made for a slow finale.

US The International Final Standings:
1. CN Invictus Gaming - $1,000,000
2. UA Natus Vincere - $250,000
3. CN LGD-Gaming cn - $150,000
4. CN Team DK - $80,000
5/6. SG Team Zenith - $35,000
5/6. CN EHOME - $35,000
7/8. CN TongFu Team - $25,000
7/8. MY Orange eSports - $25,000



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