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K1 League: Fnatic shares group with Tyloo

By (._.) 'DisappointedGuy' .
Sep 4, 2012 21:01

ImageThe Group A for the K1 Counter-Strike: Online League has been confirmed. On the first stage we will see the danish team Fnatic sharing group with the Chinese team Tyloo.

The first group for the K1 League has been confirmed by the management team. With the announcement, we now know that DK Fnatic and CN TyLoo will be clashing on the first stage, as they share the group. The battles of this group will end on September 25th and it is scheduled that the semifinals stage will run in November.

Group B, will run between October 2nd and 25th and it has only two teams confirmed so far, CN ETeng and CN NEW4 . The organization still on the search of the two remaining squads that possibly will be announced in the upcoming days.

K1 League Groups:

Group A
DK Fnatic
CN Tyloo

Group B
CN New4

The organization of the league also announced that the chosen format is similar to the one in which the World Esports Games is played. Every team will face the other three squads on the group in three different times. Those series of matches will be played on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

No further information about the prize pool has been released yet, but it is expected that it will ascend up to $ 30.000. The K1 League will kick off this upcoming Friday, September 5th and will end a little more than two months later, on November 10th at the Chinese city of Shanghai.




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