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ForellenLord leaves Alternate and forms own team

By Michael 'Wtblife' Ardelean
Sep 4, 2012 17:36

ImageEu-West's #1 solo queue player decided to leave Team Alternate, after he played for them for a long time. Due to Riot's announcements for Season 3 he decided to move on and aim higher.

ForellenLord has been on top of Eu-West's solo queue ladder for a long time. Even though this somewhat proves that he is an excellent player, he did not really manage to claim a spot in the e-sports scene while he played at Alternate.

Despite winning the EPS finals last Sunday he decided to leave the team for a brighter future, working on a spot in Riot's Season 3 league.

Let's move on to his new team: It is a team fully based on high elo players, hence their current name 'ELOBLADE'. With ForellenLord being known as a good carry and his new team mates who already had an appearance in the e-sports scene, this team looks very promising.

ForellenLord's official statement on Facebook:

"Some weeks before Gamescom something showed me how big season3 is going to be. Obviously our team isn't capable to be the top of the top. To make sure It won't be a mistake, I said for myself my dicision will depend how far we're going to be at the Regional Qualifiers at gamescom. As you may know, we didn't win one single game.
After Gamescom I started looking for a new team. A
nd the one I did find now is a real good one with a high potential. The new team hasnt got a sponsor yet. Our plan is to win any qualifier to any offline event and then we take the best offer a sponsor provides the team. In fact, Team ALTERNATE made me a great offer allready, so maybe I will stay at ATN just with the new formed team. 

I dont know yet what unso and fisch will do. Noaphiel will stop playing competetive as well as moon. Rainy tries to built up a new team like I did.
For now we call ourself 'ELOBLADE', just because we have so damn high elo players. Our aim is to become at least a top3 team out of eu. That is the minimum we can rearch. 
Something what just came in mind: In the old atn team were only fisch and unso I'd call as 'real mates'. Cliff left us some months ago as well as Cedeo did in December last year. So it wasnt worth it at all for me to stay at this team.
If you have any further question ask me in the comments and I will answer them. Thank you guys."

ELOBLADE's lineup looks as follows:
DE Adrian 'Kerp' Wetekam on top lane
SE Markus 'kottenx' Tingvall as the jungler
DE Carl 'ForellenLord' Lückmann on mid lane
NL Tom 'Metalx' Latour as the ad carry
EU Ɓukasz 'LeoFromKorea' Mirek as their support

Best of luck to this new team!



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