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MC: OSL Ro16 Coverage

By Ivan 'mmdollar' Batakov
Sep 4, 2012 15:02

ImageToday SK MC kicks off his Group D campaign in the OSL round of 16 Day 3. His opponent this time will be the GSL player San. Going into this match in top form MC is looking to collect a win. Read on for coverage of the series!

The first season of OSL is a historic moment in StarCraft II. With the tides changing in Korea we see some of the best KeSPA pro gamers battling it out verse the current StarCraft II stars.

Todays match features MC and San, in what's setting up to be a very high level PvP on Daybreak or a really fast game. MC is currently sitting with a 68.64% win rate versus Protoss, which is by far one of his best matchups. MC is the favourite going into the match but in the OSL anything can happen, as we saw in the previous game, where MC managed to kill his opponent before the ten minute mark. The score and a recap of the game will be posted below:

OSL Round of 16 - Group D

KR Min Chul 'MC' Jang 1 - 0 KR Cho Won 'San' Kang
Game 1 - Daybreak - Winner: MC

MC is now 2:0 in his group!

Series recap:

Daybreak is the map to start the game between these two Protoss players. MC went for a quick gas with no scouting at all in the early game and dropped an early Stargate, while on the other side of the map was San went for 3 Gateway pressure with Blink Stalkers. The attack itself was easily defended by MC, but behind all this San sneaked a base which gave him an economic advantage. MC knew that he was behind and decided to get an expansion for himself too, rather than doing an early all in. The game went into macro mode from both of the players, but San started his Colossus production from double Robotics facility while MC was heavy on the Immortals count. As soon as MC saw what was San doing, he then went for the death push with 15 supply advantage and his one Colossus supported with Immortals and Stalkers, when he reached the natural of San the battle started and with good forcefield placement by MC and unit control he won the game and secures his second victory in group play.
Recap provided by: MMDollar



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