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3D MAX adjusts lineup and move to GO

By (._.) 'DisappointedGuy' .
Sep 4, 2012 17:08

ImageThe French organization announced the change of two players on the lineup and confirmed that the Danish squad will totally focus on Counter-strike: Global Offensive from now on.

More teams keep the trend of switching to the latest Counter-Strike's instalment released just two weeks ago. Today it is the turn of the french-based gaming organization 3D MAX, which representative Counter-Strike: Source squad will be making the switch.

Also changes on the roster were announced, as DK Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen and DK Dennis "vnG" Vang joined the team. With the two new players on the lineup, DK Jesper "purityyy" Larsen will continue as part of 3D MAX CS:GO, but as substitute.

3D MAX CS:GO are:
DK Tomas "xlo" Falden
DK Søren "socN" Falke
DK Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen
DK Kristoffer "gravityy" Søholm
DK Dennis "vnG" Vang
DK Jesper "purityyy" Larsen (substitute)

3D MAX's in-game leader Tomas "xLo" Falden released a statement:
"Today is the day this team says goodbye to Counter Strike : Source and welcome Counter Strike : Global Offensive into our lives, we will from this point on focus on CS:GO and attend as many events and tournaments as possible, the game is fun and we are looking forward to putting in a lot of hours in this game. "

The first presentation of the team was this past weekend, when they managed to get on top at the VGC, the first CS:GO LAN event in Denmark. It is expected that we will see this new GO team attending to more tournaments ahead on time.




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