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PAX Prime Grand-finals: TSM vs Dignitas

By Michael 'Wtblife' Ardelean
Sep 3, 2012 13:38

ImageAnd here it is, the match we've all been waiting for: TSM facing Dignitas in the finals. In case you weren't around to watch the match live, this recap will make you catch up with all the action!

The time has come: North America's top 2 teams fight for the first place. Both teams dominated their way through the quarter and semi finals. But with Dignitas in the Grand Finals after the semi final against CLG, the whole situation reminds a lot of people about the European regionals, where SK surprisingly beat Will TSM be able to dominate the 'underdogs' like M5 did 2 weeks ago or will Dignitas proof us all wrong?

US Team SoloMid vs US Team Dignitas

Game 1

Dignitas: Karthus, Moakai, Nunu
TSM: Alistar, Yorick, Gragas

Dignitas: Rumble, Kog'Maw, Ryze, Skarner, Lulu
TSM: Corki, Morgana, Shyvana, Sona, Shen

Team Solo Mid started the game very confident with some early aggression, as Shyvana counter jungled and got Skarner's red buff. While the action in the jungle happened, Rumble managed to get first blood and died a second later to Shen's ignite.

Dignitas made the first objective-based move and went for an uncontested dragon at 13 minutes. A couple of minutes later TSM start dominating on bot and mid lane by killing their opponents, scoring a 3-0 result.

20 minutes into the game TSM were leading by 7k gold with a 10-2 score. Thanks to the big lead and an oracle TSM were able to sneak an early baron. Strengthened by Nashor's buff they decided to dive Dignitas on top lane, which was a really bad idea. The fight ended with a 3-1 in favor of Dignitas and the first step for their comeback was done.

Sadly, the comeback didn't quite continue. Lulu got caught and offered TSM another uncontested baron. Once again TSM push in on top lane, however this time they manage to win the fight with a 2-0 and destroy the Inhibitor. After TSM recalled they went straight into Dig's base for the other Inhibitors and the 2 nexus towers. Surprisingly TSM were not able to take down the Nexus and lost the match-ball fight.

Dignitas were back in the game again, after they won the fight at the Nexus and killed 2 enemies just a minute later. Suddenly TSM seemed to struggle. They decided to go for a last push after taking down their third baron. Eventually, they were able to take down 3 members of Dignitas and finished off the Nexus to take game 1.

Winner: TSM


Game 2

Dignitas: Karthus, Maokai, Sona
TSM: Alistar, Yorick, Shen

Dignitas: Nidalee, Janna, Gragas, Nunu, Caitlyn
TSM: Corki, Soraka, Vladimir, Morgana, Skarner

Exactly as in the first game TSM went for an all or nothing early game by acting very aggressive. At minute 4 TSM's bot lane and Skarner went for a tower dive on Nidalee for first blood and the tower. As a reaction Dignitas took down top tower just 30 seconds later.

The first dragon got slain by TSM to build up their little advantage. Some minutes later TSM initiate on the mid lane and take down 2 for nothing. Additionally they kill another dragon and Dig's mid tower. At this point the 24 minute mark passed and the score was 6-0 in favor of TSM.

A couple of kills later TSM take down another dragon and go for a 7,5k overall-gold lead. With that advantage on their side they decide to force baron and catch Janna. As a result they get baron easily and start pushing every lane to eventually destroy all 3 inhibitors again.

Super-minions all over Dignitas' base made TSM's final push look easy. In the end they managed to beat Dignitas with an impressive 14k gold advantage and showed that they clearly are North America's #1.

Winner: TSM




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