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PAX Prime 3rd place match: CLG vs Curse

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Sep 2, 2012 22:25

ImageFinal day of the North American Regionals and the typically not so important match for 3rd place will get all the attention today as it decides the last spot for Season 2 Championship. Full coverage of it for anyone who might have missed it is right here!

The stage is set for a very anticipated grudge match between US Counter Logic Gaming and US Team Curse as there is so much history between those two teams. Two of the current members of Curse - Elementz and SaintVicious, have been previously on CLG and the battle between the latter and HotshotGG in the jungle is going to be immense. Which team will manage to take away the last spot for the Season 2 Championship and the Season 3 Championship Series? Time to find out!

US Counter Logic Gaming vs US Team Curse

Game 1

CLG: Nunu, Yorick, Shyvana
Curse: Alistar, Shen, Sivir

CLG: Sona, Graves, Gragas, Olaf, Dr. Mundo
Curse: Maokai, Vladimir, Corki, Blitzcrank, Morgana

Game 1 started with another set of unusual lanes - both teams' AD carries and supports went mid, Jacky went top against Voyboy and Westrice was dueling Jiji at bot lane. First blood was taken on Jacky thanks to a successful gank by Hotshot, but SaintVicious immediately responded and Doublelift died in the mid lane. With CLG taking three teleports into the game, it wasn't a lot of time till their next successful gank - Jiji teleported in top lane and Chauster picked up a kill on Elementz. Curse didn't let them get too much ahead though and got the first and the second dragon, while CLG scored one more kill.

The first team fight happened at mid lane after Elementz failed to hook anyone from the enemy team and got stuck between all 5 CLG players. He died but so did Doublelift. After a bit of a stand-off in mid lane, Curse went back to heal and CLG immediately used the opportunity to go and take baron. Curse tried to steal it but didn't succeed and lost 3 of their players, while picking up only one kill. A minute later a perfect hook by Elementz allowed Curse to get a fast kill on Jiji and a bind by Jacky gave them the same opportunity on Doublelift.

CLG though haven't said their final word - they baited a baron fight, which they won 3-1 once again and managed to get Curse's top inhibitor. Curse answered that with a counterbaron attempt but only got two kills on Hotshot and Voyboy out of it, while Jiji and Doublelift were taking another inhibitor and the latter got three kills as well before dying to Westrice. CLG wanted to end the game already and went for baron once again. Curse tried to stop them but didn't succeed as CLG picked up 4 kills, the baron buff and pushed for the win, getting themselves ahead in the series.

Winner: CLG
Game 2

Curse: Sivir, Olaf, Twisted Fate
CLG: Nunu, Yorick, Morgana

Curse: Shen, Corki, Sona, Karthus, Shyvana
CLG: Alistar, Graves, Lulu, Orianna, Jax

Game 2 started with CLG stealing Curse's blue buff and donating it to Voyboy. After a couple of unsuccessful ganks from both junglers at top lane, first blood was finally picked up by Voyboy on Westrice, but he died as well due to the tower shots. As CLG had the timer on Curse's blue they managed to steal it once again. Curse got the first dragon but Voyboy took the top turret at the same time. A 5-man gank in mid lane took out both Jiji and Hotshot, but Jacky died as well. Curse got the mid turret out of it, while CLG took the one in bot lane.

The first team fight occured in front of the dragon pit - CLG got the kill on the dragon, but lost the fight 1-2. Soon after that Voyboy managed to kill Westrice 1v1, while a 3-man gank took Doublelift's life and the same happened to Voyboy a few minutes later when he was splitpushing bot lane. CLG though were just waiting for the right moment to come back into the game and it came when they found 2 members of Curse in the jungle. With the combined power of Orianna and Graves ultimates they instakilled them and got one more kill after that. With 3 members of Curse down, CLG immediately went for baron. SaintVicious and Westrice tried to steal it but only added to CLG's kill count.

The next teamfight happened at mid lane and it ended 4-3 for CLG. They also took the first inhibitor of the game. After Curse respawned they immediately went for baron and managed to get it before CLG could stop them. The buff didn't give them enough strength though as the next teamfight ended in 3 for 3. After respawning Curse wanted to push their slight advantage but were too impatient as they dove CLG under their mid inhibitor turret. That went horribly for them with 3 of their members dying and noone on CLG's side. CLG immediately went for the push, got the kills on the remaining Curse players, who were defending their base, and finished the game, taking the 3rd spot for the Season 2 Championship.

Winner: CLG



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