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PAX Prime Semi-finals: CLG vs Dignitas

By Teemu 'DMAM' S
Sep 2, 2012 03:10

ImageThe last match of the 3rd day of PAX was an amazing set of games between these two teams. This match decides who will go to the finals and who will fight for the 3rd place later on.

Dignitas and CLG are two long-lasting teams in League of Legends scene. They've played together several times in the past and they know each other in and out. Players have stated that interesting strategies will be seen. Let's get to it!

US Counter Logic Gaming vs US Team Dignitas

Game 1


CLG: Shen, Kog'Maw, Vladimir, Sona and Anivia
Dignitas: Irelia, Gragas, Udyr, Nunu and Ezreal


CLG: Skarner, Rumble and Twisted Fate
Dignitas: Olaf, Sivir and Alistar

Both of the teams are playing very passively until bigfatlp picks up the first blood for CLG at 10:55 after an amazing 2v2 in their own jungle, giving him that small early advantage which allows him to pick up another kill for CLG a while later. Dignitas on the other hand shows some amazing control over objectives taking down the first two dragons with an ease.

The first baron of the game is taken down by Dignitas at 33:54 after a 4-2 exchange in their favor, setting Dignitas into a 9k gold advantage. With a help of that Baron buff Dignitas is able to take down the first inhibitor of the game at 35:.

After Dignitas takes the second Baron at 41:06 they desperately try to push and force a fight with the advantage they have but CLG's team combination is strong enough to make them back. A few minutes later Dignitas is able to force a fight in CLG's base leading to 4-1 exchange and finally the nexus in favor of Dignitas at 44:10.

Winner: Dignitas
Game 2


CLG: Kog'Maw, Rumble, Cho'Gath, Orianna and Sona
Dignitas: Alistar, Janna, Gragas, Caitlyn and Nidalee


CLG: Shen, Skarner and Twisted Fate
Dignitas: Olaf, Sivir and Malphite

The first blood is picked up by CLG at 5:20 when HotshotGG successfully ganks top lane followed by Dignitas picking up a kill on mid lane at the same time. Once again Dignitas shows their great map control taking down the first dragon of the game at 10 minute mark setting them into a slight lead in terms of gold.

26 minutes in and Dignitas is taking turrets down all over the map with their incredible poke comp. At 27:54 they are able to take down the first inhibitor setting the gold gap into 8k.

CLG takes down the first baron at 35:50 after a 3-0 exchange on their favor. CLG is still behind in terms of gold but with that Baron buff they are able to 5-man roam around the map taking down two towers.

After a 3-2 exchange CLG is able to take down the second Baron as well. This leaves imaqtpie alone in CLG's base letting him take down 2 inhibitors for that baron. After a long struggle under CLG's top inhibitor turret a fight breaks out ending in favor of CLG. With this advantage CLG is able to take down the first inhibitor for them. The score is 11-17 and the teams are almost even in gold.

The timer hits 60 minutes and Dignitas picks up the third Baron of the game after CLG was so low on HP that they had to back off. This allows them to take down 2 inhibitors. CLG tries to turtle against all those super minions while Dignitas freely takes another baron. After a 10 minutes of struggling in CLG's base and outside of their base Dignitas is able to take down the Nexus turrets and finally the Nexus itself with a score of 15-22.

Winner: Dignitas

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