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TSL 4 - Semi Finals Coverage

By Ivan 'mmdollar' Batakov
Sep 1, 2012 22:00

ImageTSL 4 has by far been one of the most anticipated online tournaments the StarCraft 2 world has seen so far. The prestigious 32 player tournament is featuring players from all over the world! The Semi Finals are about to get under way. Check inside for live coverage of all the action!

The Team Liquid Starleague has become one of the biggest events of the year. TSL is known for changing the lives of many young pro gamers looking to make a name for themselves. This TSL will be no different in fact with the upcoming launch of HOTS this might be the tournament for someone to build their career.

Finally the Semi Finals are here, tonight we will cover the series between 4 players: Sting, Creator, Life and KeeN. We'll be covering all the action from tonight. So make sure to check back for the latest updates!

Image courtesy of TeamLiquid

Semi Finals - Live Stream

KR Seung Hyun 'Life' Lee 4 - 1 KR Kyo-Seok 'Keen' Hwang

Game 1 Daybreak - Winner: Life
Game 2 Cloud Kingdom - Winner: Life
Game 3 Metropolis - Winner: Life
Game 4 Ohana - Winner: Keen
Game 5 Entombed Valley - Winner: Life

Life advances to the Grand Finals of TSL 4!

Series recap:
Keen started the series out with a double proxy barracks build on Daybreak. Life had the perfect response though by skipping queens and building Zerglings and a Spine Crawler immediately, holding the initial attack with drones. Life, now in the lead was able to hold off a marine helion drop in his main without taking much damage, while securing his position with a third Base and upgrades. Life continued to cripple Keens offensive capabilities by trading efficiently with a Zergling Infestor army. Keen being almost out of options decided to do a huge doom drop with his entire army. Life counter attacks while losing his Hive and natural, was able to break Keen's natural and even got into his main, before his attack got cleaned up. After the reinforcements of Life took out the Units in his main Keen was forced to gg, winning Life the first game.

Keens opened up with a standard 1 raxx expand and was looking to go for a mech type build. Life read this perfectly and responded with 4 quick gases followed by a quick lair. The initial Helion harass got deflected perfectly. Lifes Spire finished almost the same time as Keens cloak for his Banshees, but Life's Mutalisk headed straight to Keen's base catching him completely off guard. As the just finished Thor which was Keen's only Anti-Air unit, gets focused down, Keen was forced to gg bringing the series to a 2:0 for Life

Keen, clearly struggling to find an answer to Life´s play, went for a mind game in game 3 by getting his gas before his first Barracks on Metropolis, a normally very macro focused map. Life did not fall for it though as he got a fairly early gas for his Zergling speed upgrade which results in Keen not getting much damage done with his Helion harass. Life kept consistent by taking an early third and upgrades while being ahead. Keens drop proved to be ineffective as Life build a huge ultralisk, zergling, infestor and baneling army. Eventually Life just decided to attack and while Keen is able to take out Lifes Hive, he is not able to hold against Life´s army and has to leave the game.

Once again Keen opened up with an aggressive build, this time with a double proxy barracks on Ohana. Life was able to hold the first attack once again, but not as good as in the first game. Life also decided to continue building Zerglings and skipping the Spine Crawler, after breaching Keen's ramp. Keen kept his calm re landed his proxy barrack and continued building marines,while he was able to hold on in his main with a bunker in his mineral line. Life lost all his lings on Keens Bunker in his main, without doing any significant damage. Keen decided to pull all his svcs and attack a second time. With some nice scv hold position micro and no spine crawler able to help Life, he is force to gg bringing the series to a 3:1.

On Entombed Valley cross positions, Keen decided to go for a blue flame helion build, to which Life responded with a quick third and a Roach warren. Keen was not really able to do the damage he needed to do and Life builds up a huge amount of Roaches to not only drive out Keen´s helions but to launch a scary counter attack with baneling support. Keens defenses proved to be too thin for him to hold on and as Life´s zergling reinforcements came streaming into his production line, Keen is forced to give up the series, with Life winning 4:1 advancing into the Finals.
Recap provided by: Clamev

Semi Finals - Live Stream

KR Hyun-Woo 'Creator' Jang 4 - 2 KR Ju 'Sting' Hoon

Game 1 Metropolis - Winner: Creator
Game 2 Daybreak - Winner: Creator
Game 3 Cloud Kingdom - Winner: Creator
Game 4 Antiga Shipyard - Winner: Sting
Game 5 Ohana - Winner: Sting
Game 6 Entombed Valley - Winner: Creator

Creator advances to the Grand Finals of TSL 4!

Series recap:
First map to start the series between these two players is Metropolis, the game started a little strange when Sting made a proxy factory near where the third base of creator, he attacked with a squad of hellions, but sadly the economic damage was not enough. After all this action Creator secured his second and third base, while managing to shut down the hidden third command center. As usual Creator went for his robotics first play-style getting only one colossus with Archon/Immortal and Templar support. As time passed by Creator’s advantage was getting bigger as he started to slowly take one half of the map, while denying yet again the third base of Sting. At the 18 minute mark it turned into a battle of who will drop his spells first. It all ended up in Sting’s part of the map, where both of them engaged but the Korean Protoss was the one with the better angel and storm placements and “gg” was called by Sting in game number one.

Daybreak is the map to welcome the second game in the series, this time thing went a little more passive at the start, as both players got themselves an early second base and later on third base was followed by both of them. The one getting the better of the situation was Creator, as he is the one that wants to go for a macro game versus other players. Sting on the other hand did not let Creator macro easily, he started to do multiple attacks with Medivacs at the main base and another squad of units into the third base of Creator. Sadly Sting gave up on the moment where he could have killed Creator with drops, but he decided to wait and Creator survived the attacks and with a great upgrade advantage, Creator pushed Sting and killed him with his unstoppable army after defending the attacks for so long.

Third game was on Cloud Kingdom, where this time “macro” was not going to happen. At the start of the game Creator tried to do the same thing as the other games, getting an early expansion but this time Sting forced the Protoss player to go in another way. When the early marauder and hellions attack was defended, Creator sneaked a pylon at Sting’s natural and started to push with his gateway army and “gg” was typed by the Terran player as he did not have enough units to stop this incoming attack.

Antiga Shipyard is the map for the fourth game, both of the players fast expanded this time. As soon as Sting got his third base he started to drop Creator from several sides and did quite a lot of economic damage from his first attacks. As soon as Creator tried to get his third base, Sting dropped him in the main base with Medivacs and Marines and pushing with the rest of his army to the third base and “gg” this time was typed by Creator..

Game four was on Ohana, where things went a little more standard, Sting decided to go for a Banshee opening while on the other side of the map Creator this time opted for the 2 Gateway expand build. With some good micro control over the banshees Sting did quite the economic damage, crippling the numbers of units which Creator can produce. After the Banshee opening the Korean Terran went for the 1/1/1 strategy with tanks, marines and banshees and SCVs for buffer, the battle was so back and forth but at the end Creator did not have enough anti air units and lost the game.

Entombed Valley is the map to start game number six, where both of the players fast expanded but this time Creator had something in mind. Faith was not on Sting’s side, he was too greedy on his defences which eventually slapped him in the face, because Creator mixed things up this time with a aggressive Gateway sentry push. With only one bunker and several marines for defence, Creator pushed the natural base with ease and preceded to the main base with his forces and “gg” was typed by Sting and Creator won the series full of up and down moments.
Recap provided by: MMDollar



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