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SK Gaming sign with Christoph 'nRated' Seitz

By Alexander T. 'TheSlaSH' Müller-Rodic
Jan 11, 2014 15:52

ImageIt has been some time since our last official statement regarding the topic of signing our support player for the upcoming LCS spring split. We are happy to announce Christoph 'nRated' Seitz has signed a contract with the team and will fill this role in our season opener against Millennium next week.

SK Gaming and Christoph have been in talks throughout 2013 already, as soon as it was clear changes on the support position were about to happen. Signing the contract was a formality after Adrian 'CandyPanda' and Christoph started practicing shortly after Christmas.

Here is what SK.nRated has to say
"I would like to thank SK-Gaming for the opportunity to play for them and I'll gladly give my best to become one of the best botlanes in Europe with Candypanda. I'd also like to thank my fans for the support that I have received throughout the whole time. See you next week in LCS!"

SK Gamings managing director Alexander T. Müller adds
"We had a clear picture of what kind of player we would want in our lineup and with Christoph joining we accomplished a mission. We are eager to share what we saw in practice already with our fans in LCS. Welcome, Christoph, great to have you on board!"

Make sure to give the man a warm welcome to the team and follow him on both, Facebook and Twitter as he will have updates ready for you there. And yes, we promise, he will change his backgrounds on both quite soon.



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