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über G33KZ drop Nico, cajunb added

By Evgeni 'Zinnoc' Chardakov
Jan 11, 2014 12:52

ImageThe ex-Copenhagen Wolves squad has decided to perform lineup changes due to both sides being unable to find a solution.

The Danish team DK über G33KZ, formerly known as Copenhagen Wolves announced that a decision has been made to remove DK Nicolaj 'Nico' Jensen from the lineup and to replace him with former n!faculty player DK Rene 'cajunb' Borg. The reason for that change was the unsportsmanlike behavior of Nico, according to the statement given by the team to, which can be found below:

"Unfortunately, despite our best efforts to rectify it, Nicolaj’s behaviour has had a negative impact on the team and has rendered his position untenable.

Issues began relating to a decision we had taken within the team that players would be expected not to bring their partners to events. The rationale for this decision is quite simple – absolute focus is required to achieve optimum results and in the same way you wouldn’t take your girlfriend or boyfriend to the office, we wouldn’t expect you to bring them to a competition where results dictate our very future as a team.

Two days ago Nico issued us with an ultimatum to say that if we were not willing to allow his girlfriend to attend future events he would leave the team. At this point we tried to reason with the player, understanding the emotional nature of the issue and we were surprised to hear Nicolaj using the situation as leverage for an improved salary. In short, he initially said he would accept the decision and stay with the team if and when we secured a salary it would be of the same calibre as elite teams in CS:GO.

As soon as the ultimatum was issued by the player we knew we had someone who didn’t really care about the team. It not only is hugely disrespectful to the other four team members who have made the necessary sacrifices to fit in with our professional vision, but it also potentially jeopardises prospective sponsorship, talks about which are ongoing at this time. In light of this we had hoped to resolve this privately but we cannot allow the constant spreading of disinformation from the player to continue without response."

Unfortunately, DK Nicolai "device" Reedtz and his teammates suffered from more than a player change, as the über G33KZ squad was defeated by n!faculty in the grand final of's SteelSeries Championship Invite. Furthermore, the team was also supposed to participate in the upcoming finals of the fifteenth season of ESEA League, but due to dropping out from Copenhagen Wolves a bit more than a month ago, the team was unable to find organization or a sponsor in time to send them to Dallas, Texas.

DK über G33KZ are now:

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