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PAX Prime Quarterfinals: CLG vs Legion

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Sep 1, 2012 02:53

ImageSecond day of the North American Regionals at PAX Prime is under way and the second game we get to see is NA powerhouse CLG vs the up-and-coming Team Legion. In case you missed any of it, here’s our full coverage!

In the last match of the Quarterfinals we have one of the most successful teams not only in NA, but in the whole League of Legends scene – US Counter Logic Gaming . They are also one of the favourites for taking a spot in the top 3, but of course for that to happen they have to overcome their first challenge – US Team Legion , and the latter will certainly not go down without a fight. Will CLG’s stay in Korea give them an edge or find them unable to win against a team they haven’t played against in months? Will Legion’s early aggression pay off or turn against them? It’s about time we find out.

US Counter Logic Gaming vs US Team Legion

Game 1

CLG: Nocturne, Nunu, Skarner
Legion: Shen, Alistar, Karthus

CLG: Sona, Olaf, Gragas, Sivir, Dr. Mundo
Legion: Corki, Vladimir, Zyra, Maokai, Soraka

The game started with Legion sending their AD Carry and support top, while CLG sent theirs mid. Lautemortis was caught in CLG’s jungle and died for first blood to Chauster. The same happened to HotshotGG after that, as he died to Prolly. This was followed by a quick 2 for 1 kills for CLG in mid lane. Lautemortis got baited in mid and died once again, and so did iNoobish. After that Doublelift managed to 1v1 Prolly in mid and took the first turret. CLG continued their dominance with a 3-man gank bot which resulted in Cruzer dying and they also picked up the first dragon of the game. The NA powerhouse then started applying their favourite tactic - splitpushing.

Legion tried to get back in the game by getting two kills – Prolly killed Doublelift with his full burst combo, and the rest of his teammates took out Chauster. This was followed by Legion taking the second dragon. CLG answered that by getting a rather sneaky baron buff, winning the following fight 3-2 and taking the top inhibitor as well. They continued the pressure on Legion’s base and managed to finish the game in stunning 27 minutes.

Winner: CLG
Game 2

Legion: Karthus, Alistar, Sona
CLG: Shen, Nunu, Nocturne

Legion:, Gragas, Corki, Blitzcrank, Malphite, Rumble
CLG: Olaf, Janna, Sivir, Dr. Mundo, Twisted Fate

At the start of game 2 we saw Doublelift and Chauster being in mid lane again but only for the first 4 minutes, then they went bot. Soon after both junglers ganked top and Legion got two kills out of that. CLG took the first dragon of the game, while Cruzer took top turret. Legion though took the second one and they managed to take 2 more kills, while CLG kept picking up turrets until they scored their first kill as well. Finally a teamfight happened and Legion managed to pull off a 3 for 1 and a dragon kill after they went back to full HP.

Lautemortis initiated a team fight in front of baron, his team got 3 kills out of it and baron on top of that. At the same time Doublelift and Jiji backdoored Legion’s bot inhibitor and Doublelift even took a double kill on the two members of Legion who came back to defend. The other three though got CLG’s mid inhibitor. Few minutes later after another well-timed ultimate by Lautemortis’ Malphite, Legion killed Jiji and Doublelift and Voyboy immediately teleported in the enemy’s base. Two of Legion’s players went after them and managed to kill them before they took out the nexus. The rest of Legion plus Prolly who came with his teleport were in CLG’s base and after a wild base race they managed to finish the game.

Winner: Legion
People were ecstatic after the most exciting match of the Quarterfinals

Game 3

CLG: Nunu , Nocturne, Rumble
Legion: Shen, Alistar, Sona

CLG: Vladimir, Oriana, Cho’Gath, Graves, Taric
Legion: Gragas, Maokai, Corki, Irelia, Leona

In the beginning of the third game Legion found Voyboy and Jiji in their jungle and managed to get first blood on the latter. Then they swapped their usual bot and top laners, but that didn’t last too long. Soon after, Lautemortis ganked mid and Jiji died once more. Legion took the first two dragons of the game and looked somewhat ahead for awhile.

CLG answered with catching Prolly in their jungle and killing him. iNoobish shared the same fate behind his turret a bit after that and Cruzer was dived under his turret at top. After some passive minutes in which Legion looked like they didn’t know exactly what to do anymore, CLG took baron almost uncontested – only Prolly tried to steal it with Gragas ult but didn’t succeed. CLG used that opportunity to start pushing Legion's base hard. A bit after the buff expired they were in front of Legion's top inhibitor turret and that's where the up-and-coming team tried to initiate and turn the tides before it was too late. Sadly for them it didn't work out and CLG quickly pushed for the win, securing their place in the semi-finals.

Winner: CLG



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