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PAX Prime Quarterfinals: Team Dignitas vs TD

Aug 31, 2012 23:40

ImageThe second day of the North American Regionals at Pax just kicked off. In the first match of the day, Team Dignitas have to face Team Dynamic. You couldn't watch the game live? We got you covered with a full recap!

The second day of the North American Regionals are being hosted at PAX and it's promising to be full of great games. The two teams to play first are Team Dignitas and Team Dynamic. After being involved into quite a incident last week when facing Curse in the finals of MLG Raleigh, Dignitas are under pressure of getting their reputation back to the good state it was in. The team is aware of this and will surely do all they can to take the victory over their competitors and play themselves back into the hearts of their fans.

Team Dynamic on the other hand seem to have successfully claimed there spot in the American pro scene with constant success and are not to be underestimated. The rugrats have proven time after time they are a force to be reckoned with in the North American scene and as always with League of Legends, anything can happen!

US Team Dignitas vs US Dynamic

Game 1:

Dignitas: Cassiopeia, Gragas, Blitzcrank
TD: Malphite, Shen, Alistar

Dignitas: Rumble, Sona, Kog Maw, Karthus, Skarner
TD: Corki, Nunu, Morgana, Nidalee, Olaf

The game starts off with Dignitas deciding to invade Team Dynamic's jungle. TD, having similar plans, make the move to Dignitas' blue. As they are spotted by a ward, both teams start poking each other quite a bit. At first it's Karthus who's caught off guard but he manages to flash out of the situation. Sona isn't that lucky and gets caught by a Dark Binding of Morgana. Nidalee's ignite finishes her off and made TD draw first blood!

Around the 14 minute mark, a teamfight occurs at the baron area. Team Dignitas end up leaving the battle with a total score of 4 kills. TD's performance in this fight was rather weak as Morgana's ultimate wasn't effective at all due to regretful positioning. Another teamfight in the exact same area shows how far ahead Dignitas are, again they are leaving the fight with 3 kills. Once they pick up dragon they head to TD's midlane and push all the way to their base, destroying their Inhibitor.

TD notice that they gotta do something. They struggle back right after their Inhibitor got destroyed. Morgana manages to hit 4 targets with ultimate, stunning the players of Dignitas so they can't escape. TD end up scoring an Ace, rush to baron and pick up the buff.

When TD ready up to face Dignitas on botlane and try to initiate, Rumble misses his entire ultimate. This kinda hit TD out of no where and before they find the chance to back out of the situation, Dignitas turn it all around and jump at them. They pick up a kill and chase TD all the way back into their base, ready to destroy their bot Inhibitor and score another 3 kills. Once they are finished with that, Dignitas were heading to Baron and killed it.

Ready for what was very likely to be the final push, Dignitas gather top. After rushing into their base, Morgana desperately flashes into the group of enemies and TD try to get them out of their base, but it's in vain. Dignitas is in control of the whole fight, take down 4 players of TD and finish the game by blowing up their Nexus.

Winner: Team Dignitas!
Game 2:

TD: Malphite, Skarner, Shen
Dignitas: Cassiopeia, Rumble, Alistar

TD: Grags, Olaf, Blitzcrank, Irelia, Graves
Dignitas: Jax, Nunu, Udyr, Kog Maw, Ryze

This time, both teams run towards each other in mid. TD decide to keep waiting in the river brush, while Dignitas come closer and closer. With a sudden move they initiate on Olaf who literally gets crushed by the incoming damage of Dignitas - and first blood is drawn.

Dignitas followed this great start up by a successful tower dive against Irelia. TD notice that they are further behind than they intended to be and start to focus on pushing and destroying towers. The game starts going back and forth, both teams mostly trying to clear minion waves and push, all of this without any big teamfights happening. TD manages to improve their position and get themselves back in the game with a 4:1 tower advantage on their side.

After a while, a teamfight occurs in the river area. Dignitas manage to take down two players of TD and instantly get on their way to baron. They pick up the buff. Even though their enemy just picked up baron TD wanna do something and continue pushing mid. Dignitas aren't really afraid to show what they got and storm them down without any trouble. They pick up 4 kills, rush to their base take down their Inhibitor.

Dignitas returned to their base to reset their health and mana before returning to the base of TD. On their way in, they take down two of their enemies. They continued pushing on mercylessly, destroying the Nexus turrets while picking up another kill at the same time. Once they broke down the nexus turrets, they pick up a final kill on Blitzcrank and eventually blew up the Nexus of their opponents to take game 2 and secure the series!

Winner: Team Dignitas!



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