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Wikipediots tops ICS

By (._.) 'DisappointedGuy' .
Aug 31, 2012 15:49

ImageThe Inuria Championship Summer came to an end after a great final. At the end, we saw Wikipediots managing to beat Anexis to get the champion title and the $1250 prize money.

The Inuria Championship Summer came to an end after almost two months of intense Counter-strike action. We saw 32 teams start the battle on the group stage, but only two had the privilege to play for the champion title in the grand final. Two Danish squadrons clashed in the last match of the online cup Wikipediots and Anexis , with the first one taking the ICS champion title.

The final battle had its opening at de_tuscan, with Wikipediots starting on CT side. Anexis did not manage to stop the quick offensive of their enemy side as the Wiki troop took the pistol round and the next two rounds before DK Danny 'BERRY' Krüger's team scored their first round. The streaks kept going in that way, as Wikipediots won 3 more rounds Anexis scored just one increasing the difference, now 6-2. By the look of the numbers on the score all seemed to be for Wikipediots in a easy way. But, when the score was with Anexis down 3-8, they adjusted their strategy as well as their shooting precision to win three rounds in a row. The final score of the half had DK Morten 'coloN' Johansen and company with a three rounds advantage, 9-6.

In the second half, Wikipediots applied to a rush on bombsite B to take the pistol round again. Also scored three of the next four rounds. After a start with Wiki in a better position, Anexis applied great teamplay to comeback in the scoreboard, and later putting the score 6-4 in their favour. Although Anexis performed a good streak of rounds, the Wiki troop closed the half with a 8-7 score, 16-14 in the overall.

Map statistics:
DK Wikipediots 16-14 DK Anexis

MVP: DK Marco 'Snappi' Pfeiffer - KD Ratio: 1.78

The second map picked up was de_dust2 were Anexis started as Terrorists. The pistol round was taken by the winners of the first map, and later increasing the round difference by three rounds. BERRY's team scored their first round, but the Wiki did not allow them to keep a winning streak, and increasing their score with four more rounds, 8-2. Wikipediots showed more focus on the rest of the half, it was clearly visible on the final score with a nine rounds difference, 12-3.

The second half started in a good way for Anexis as they overpowered the Wiki players on the pistol round, and scored three more rounds in a row. Was then, when Wikipediots inclined the match in their favor, getting a four round winning streak to close the half, the map and the match with a overall score of 16-7.

Map statistics:
DK Wikipediots 16-7 DK Anexis

MVP: DK Emil 'zaider' Brandt -

With the victory in two straight maps, the Wikipediots troop secures the Inuria Championship Summer as well as the $1.250. Anexis, as runner-up and the two semi-finalists also gets a slice of the total prize money.

The prize distribution:
1st. DK Wikipediots - $1250
2nd. DK Anexis - $500
3rd.-4th. UK Free Agents - $250
3rd.-4th. UA kerchNET - $250

With this full report of the ICS final, SK-Gaming ends the coverage of the tournament. Now it is your time to share your thoughts about this online cup in the comments!



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