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SK|Mak's Black Ops 2 review [part 2]

By Brian 'qntm' Krämer
Aug 31, 2012 11:32

ImageHere is part 2 of Scott 'Mak' Brass' Black Ops 2 review for everyone who didn't have the chance to test the game at gamescom '12. You should definitely check it out.


Again in the perk section I'll just mention the ones that are most applicable to the competitive aspect.

Lightweight - Slot 1
Lightweight allows you to take no falling damage. It also allows you to move faster / run quicker.

Scavenger - Slot 2
Scavenger is a perk that allows you to pick up ammo and grenades from fallen foes.

Toughness - Slot 2
This allows you to flinch less whenever you get shot. This works like the Focus proficiency found in MW3.

Fast Hands - Slot 2
Fast Hands allows you to use your equipment much more quickly (stun grenades and flash grenades). This works like Quickdraw Pro in MW3. In Black Ops 2, it'll also allow you to safely throw back a frag grenade.

Extreme Conditioning - Slot 3
Extreme Conditioning gives the player the ability to sprint for much longer distances.

Dead Silence - Slot 3
Dead Silence is similar to Ninja, which has been in many of the previous Call of Duty games. This makes your footsteps silent.

Dexterity - Slot 3
This works like Marathon Pro from MW2. It will allow you to climb over obstacles and climb up ladders at a much faster rate. It'll also give you the benefit of being able to recover from a melee attack (i.e. a knife attack). Ever knife the air by mistake, only for your character to be stuck in that lengthy animation? Dexterity will allow you to recover from that animation at a faster rate.

Awareness - Slot 3
The Awareness perk in Black Ops 2 will act like Sitrep Pro in the sense that it will allow the player to hear enemy footsteps much more loudly and much more clearly. Not sure if this will actually counteract Dead Silence or not.


Now the level of customization that Treyarch has given the power to do is honestly insane. The pick 10 system means that for example the objective player for the team can sacrifice a lot of his weapons in order to have say 2 stuns, an SMG and 5 perks. While AR players can drop their secondary weapon and take 2 or 3 attachments on their primary. All this is done through the wildcard system.

You can pick a maximum of 3 wildcards for any class, but picking one obviously counts towards your pick 10 system. Wildcard + Pick10 is going to totally change everything about competitive play, and though people won't agree I think it could be great for us. The wildcard system is shown below.

Primary Gunfighter: Allows a 3rd attachment for the primary weapon.
Secondary Gunfighter: Allows a 2nd attachment for the secondary weapon.
Overkill: Take a primary weapon as your secondary weapon.
Danger Close: Choose a second Lethal.
Perk 1 Greed: Choose a second Perk 1.
Perk 2 Greed: Choose a second Perk 2.
Perk 3 Greed: Choose a second Perk 3.
Tactician: Take a Tactical grenade in place of your lethal Grenade.
Com-Caster Mode, Theater & Streaming


Com-Caster Mode
This mode is basically what everyone was watching during the stream is allow a spectator to go in and look at an overview of the map to see everyones positions , shows each individual kill streaks and will let the caster very quickly see all the important information that every caster needs during a game.

This Call of Duty will again have theater and this time will allow people to save their clips, go in at another time. Cast over their own game-plays and other people's then upload them directly from the game to youtube (This is the biggest thing for us as competitive gamers). It means that people can record a certain map then go in later on and for example do: a commentary, a review, a walk-through.

Though I didn't get a chance to see this I was told by developers that we would have a way to stream directly from our games online. Whether this is directly on or we have the option of a 3rd party is something that I don't know.

This is one of the most important thing for bringing competitive and public groups together, it will give the pro’s an incentive to keep playing the game in publics as well as privates. As for example in Starcraft the top players play in Grand Masters and one of the first things people do when buying the game is look to see who those players are. It will also mean that Treyarch themselves can promote people in the grand masters by saying “hey, come watch this grand masters player's stream” showcasing both the game and the e-sports aspect that Treyarch has basically built this game for.

Final Thoughts

Without sounding incredibly cheesy I am very excited about this game. It's finally our chance to blow every other console gamer out the water (halo & gow). The developers have basically given us every single tool we need to make our own brands via youtube & streaming. They have listened to people like Hastr0 about competitive rules and how it has been harbored in the past by poor e-sports interaction (infinity ward) and we as a community need to really grasp this opportunity with both hands and embrace it. Say what you want about it but I for one can't wait for the game."



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