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LD out of LCS, new qualifier on Saturday

By Philipp 'Phil122' Neubauer
Jan 10, 2014 22:35

ImageAfter the Lemondogs failed to submit their paperwork for the next split to Riot, League of Legends' publisher decided to disqualify the team and let the three teams that didn't pass the promotion tournament fight for the last spot.

The Lemondogs organization failed to submit the necessary LCS paperwork to Riot. After the first two deadlines passed and nothing happened, the version that was submitted two minutes before the third deadline was incomplete and even had some papers signed by the players blank. Ultimately, Riot decided to disqualify the team for the upcoming spring split.

Because of that it was announced today that PL MeetYourMakers , EU Ninjas in Pyjamas and EU SUPA HOT CREW XD will play against each other in a BO1 round robin. If there is a tie in points after these games, the teams will be randomly placed in a single elimination bracket in order to decide the last participant for the Season 2014 Spring Split. The games start this Saturday, 17 PM CET (8 AM PST) and will be broadcasted on the Riot Games Twitch channel and casted by Deman and Quickshot.

The games will be played online so let's hope the players won't suffer from DDOS attacks and we will be able to see a clean and fair promotion tournament without disconnecting players.

Source: Riot announcement



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